Saturday, July 23, 2011

This One Time At Band Camp...

My fiance Easy is a musician. A very good one. He's also a teacher. A very good one.

Because he is these two things, he gets invited to teach at the NIU jazz camp every summer. He's there now. They bring in all these high school students and teach them amazing things.

A lot of his friends who I've met since we've been dating are also amazing musicians and teachers and they're there too. It's like a who's who of musicians who will be wedding guests (see how I still had to slip something wedding related in?).

Last year, right after we'd just met, I was heading up to Rockford to pack up my apartment since I was moving back to Chicago. Since I was in the area, Easy asked me to stop by and visit him there.

Back then, I felt like I was doing this crazy thing. It was literally the second night I've ever spent in a dorm. I never stayed in a dorm during college, except once during a slumber party with my girls. I didn't even stay in the dorn during orientation. Call be spoiled, call me bourgie, I just wasn't about to do it.

But now that I'm grown as hell and about to get married, I'm staying in a dorm. Planning on sleeping in a twin size bed for the second time in two summers. I must really really reeeeallly love this man, ya'll.

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