Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Have A Wedding Twin

Considering the weekend I'm getting married, I'm sure I'll have tons of wedding twins. There will be a ton of people who spontaneously decide getting married right before Valentine's Day is a good idea.

That's not why Easy and I chose our date, for us it's about beating Mardi Gras with our wedding anniversary every year. But I found my first wedding day twin in the most unusual place: my hair salon.

He is one of my favorite people in the salon. I go in there once a month to get my locs tightened.

That picture can be incredibly vague if you don't know what locs are. I will explain one of these days, but this story is about my wedding twin.

He overheard my talking to my stylist about her being available for my wedding day. He asked my date and told me his date was the same day.

At first I thought he was joking, but he was not. Then we began comparing stories and ideas. The only thing our weddings have in common are the number of guests and the date.

Their wedding date was chosen because it's close to Valentine's Day. Ours was picked in spite of the fact that it's close to Valentine's Day.

But I have to admit I was over the moon about having my first wedding twin.

I loved looking at his pictures, hearing the story of the engagement, and hearing about their wedding colors and florist and cake.

I think we drove everyone else in the shop crazy for about a half hour discussing this stuff. It was my first conversation in person with someone going through what I'm going through with this wedding literally at the same time I was going through it.

And it was awesome!!

Has anyone else had a lovely experience with a wedding twin?

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