Wednesday, July 20, 2011

How My Wedding Dress Is Like My Future Husband

Oh, how I wish I could share with you my wedding dress, but my fiance Easy reads this blog (stalker!), and so I cannot. Although he knows a bit about the dress, such as the unique color, he hasn't seen it.

But it's really beautiful. Chances are if you are immersed in the bride world (and have enough regular brain vs bride brain left), you have probably seen it. It's a pretty popular dress.

It's such a special dress. It's made for women who are either very short or very tall. Seriously, if you're 5'4"-5'8", I can't even imagine how you'd pull this off unless you have some unconventional torso-leg proportions.

I've loved this dress since the moment we put down the first down payment. Even though almost every dress I tried on looked good, this one was exceptional.

When I went for my dress fitting, I was dying to try on the sample for my dress again. There were two other brides there. They were both trying on dresses. Again. Perhaps it's the indecisive person in me, but I'd never put down money on a wedding dress that I wasn't sure about.

If I were anything less than completely sure, I'd be guaranteed to be like them. I'd be back in the shop, trying on another 20 dresses. To me it's like finding a husband. You don't stop trying on dresses until you've found THE ONE. And then once you've found it, you're done. You don't do this:

Even if you come across others dresses you could possibly love, they end up not being enough. You don't even want to try them on. If you don't feel like this about a dress, keep looking. Of course, if you wait too long to find a dress or have an extra short engagement, the rules change.

But just like I knew almost right away my fiance was the one, I knew the same thing about this dress. And unlike a living breathing person, my dress is just waiting for me to take it home (or will be in December), it doesn't hem and haw with indecision. Dresses want to be loved, not loved and left people!

Okay, moment of drama over. Did I mention I love my wedding dress? It is unconventional, but it makes me feel like a bride like nothing else I tried on. Kind of like how Easy makes me feel like a wife like no guy I've ever dated.

I I will try not to compare Easy to every decision I make in the wedding. But no promises.

2 New Hypotheses:

I'm almost sure I found my dress today. It's technically a bridesmaids dress-but it was almost identical to the dress that I have been imagining. I will probably see a few more dresses (just in case I do happen to find something closer) but as soon as I tried it on both my Mother and I agreed that it was probably The One. I'm going to blog about it a bit more later on tonight.


I can't wait to read your blog post. I may just go to your blog and read it since I'm still about 5 days behind in my google reader feed. I'm glad you're still looking. If it's close to the one but not defintiely the one, still explore your options.

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