Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Party Til You Puke (For An Extra Charge) Part Two

In my last post, I talked about our search for the perfect venue for our engagement party. Because I'm a weirdo, I do things backwards. Or maybe, I'm just a rebel.

Either way, I don't do things as expected. The perfect example is this engagement party venue. We spent waaaaaay more time searching for a venue for this than we did for the wedding. We looked at three places for the wedding, and I chose almost immediately.

Be we agonized over the engagement party.

My mother and I looked online for a number of places. Then we decided to hit the pavement.

Her friends gave her suggestions. We went to 21st and State to a lovely restaurant that looked perfect but is closed. So no free publicity silly closed restaurant that looked perfect.

Next we went to 21st and Michigan to a club/museum that was supposed to be a great option for an outdoor venue. I'm sorry, but you're not an outdoor venue and shouldn't advertise yourself as such if 85% of your outdoor area is mulch and another 10% is ceramic pavement and the last 5% is bushes.

Moving on. A friend of my mother's mentioned the South Loop Hotel. We couldn't find it (ahem because she couldn't remember the address). So we gave up and headed south on State toward my apartment. Then we passed by it and did a quick u-turn to check it out.

I looked like my style, which I can't really explain. But it's a cross between classic and modern with an odd quirk thrown in.

think a combo between these two with something extra and quirky thrown in.
 So, we went in to check out the grand ballroom my mother had been told about over the phone when she called earlier in the week. Except... there was no grand ballroom. There were only medium sized meeting rooms.

So we went strolling around the hotel just to see what they had to offer. We took note of their flower shop for later. I had finally saw an arch there I didn't hate with a visceral passion, so it was worth noting.

Then we stumbled across the restaurant in the hotel. And it was love at first sight.

kinda creepy, ya think?
We strolled around the restaurant the woman who happens to book private events there came out to talk to us. A hundred quick questions from my mother and I later and we were ready to put down money on the place.

I called Easy to check to see if he wanted to see the place first. When I told him what it was, he said he knew that place and actually had just gotten a gig there for the next night (well that's the sum total of what happened in short version).

I know you're dying to see/hear what the place is. So without further ado....


We're having our engagement party at the L26 Restaurant in their private room in the back. My mother and I stayed for dinner and the food is fantastic. Since then, we've been back twice for Eay's gigs. His birthday was one of those days so his parents and mine joined us and the food is really really really good. And the price really makes us happy.

I'm so excited for this location. Now if only we could get our guest list within the fire marshal's limit for how many the room holds. Speaking of calling in the authorities, I'll finally explain the title of the post. In our contract, it says the restaurant isn't liable for any damage caused. It specifically points to damage caused by intoxication.

For example, if someone gets so drunk they vomit, we're on the hook for the cleaning fees. The lady told us this covered vomiting, urination, and defecation. Yes, she indeed used those words. So, we could very well party until we puke, just as long as we pay for it after. Interesting way to talk about it. I was expecting more of a "don't puke in my restaurant", not "as long as you pay to have it cleaned". Good times.

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It looks lovely! I don't blame you for taking a while to choose with that list! :P

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