Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Engagement Party Dish, Part Two

This two-part pun of a post series is now concluding. The first divulged a secret. Get it? Dish? Right. I'm fully aware I'm not nearly as clever at 3 am when these posts are being written as I would be were I writing them around the time they're being read...

Anyway, this second post is literally about dishes. Specifically, what are we serving at our engagement party. Our choice of venue, L26 restaurant, has an amazing array of food. It's seriously tasty.

Having eaten there three times since we booked our party, I am ashamed to admit it never crossed my mind to take pictures of all the food. But in my defense, what they serve for lunch and dinner and late night isn't actually on the menu for options for our cocktail party.

But I can find some pics online that almost do it justice. Some of my favorites? You know what time it is. It's food porn time.

everyone loves mac and cheese; L26 has superb mac and cheese

honey glazed broiled salmon. droooool.

I love strip steak so much, I'm serving it at my wedding, and maybe my e-party too.

asparagus is a dish everyone who's important in my wedding loves!

Okay, enough food porn. But prosciutto wrapped asparagus on the cocktail party menu is calling my name. And the beef skewers with peanut sauce. And the chicken wings. And the hummus.

It's going to be a tough decision to narrow it down to 3 or 4 things. But we'll make it happen. And I'll be glad to report what menu we decide on.

And because we like a full party, we'll be having some sort of foodstuff for favors. Why do we need favors for our e-party? I'm still not sure. But my mother swears they're important, so have them we shall. I just hope they go well with the wine toast we're planning for the end of the evening.

What have we got in mind so far? Um, let's see. Personalized Hershey's kisses, home-made cookies, those mini bundt cakes that are labor intensive but so tasty, personalized M&Ms. So you can see we're be getting something sugary and/or chocolatey.

Mmmm. Chocolate. How does anyone ever make the 1,000,000 decisions that go into a wedding that you ordinarily wouldn't actually care about?

2 New Hypotheses:

I think when choosing a menu you should try to have a red meat, a white meat and something vegetarian friendly...that way you can be sure to satisfy most people's taste.


That's great advice, I really like their beef and chicken options. I just really also want to have proscuitto wrapped asparagus. But that's not really vegetarian. Couldn't they just take off the meat? Sigh, I wonder if I even have vegetarians coming to the e-party....

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