Friday, July 15, 2011

Tracking Down Addresses for Save The Dates

Every one says how important it is to get a guest list together before you get too deep into wedding planning.

Those people would be very correct. But they don't stress the important facets of that seemingly simple statement. You need names, number of kids, and addresses.

That last part, the addresses, are so elusive.

People move. They change their names. They co-habitate in a home with 4 people with 5 different names. It can make a person crazy.

crazy eyes are the purest expression of feeling crazy
So after I feel like going crazy, I have to stop and remember that I did this to myself. Easy and I were determined to have a short engagement. We maintained this determination even after our mothers informed us our wedding guest list would be upwards of 300 people.

So now we're tracking down addresses. A lot of addresses.

If only I could pull out a book and have all these addresses for 175 households...

We have most of them. But we don't have them all yet. We will. Soon.

Right not the goal is to send out our Save the Dates Saturday. Wish me luck that it happens.

In the next post, I'll talk about all we're sending out this weekend.

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