Monday, July 25, 2011

The More The Merrier

I said I was going to do it and I am sticking to my word. I will detail the hundreds, nay, thousands of members of our wedding party. Okay, I'm exaggerating. It's just upwards of 30 when it's all said and done.

Yesterday, I went through just how many people we had for the men. It was a grand total of 20! Yikes!

There are 16 females in total in our wedding. There's me, the bride. Both Easy and I have a maid of honor. I have 6 more bridesmaids. There are 2 junior bridesmaids. We have 2 flower girls and 3 hostesses. Yup, that's a lot. A whole lot.

Our wedding pictures will look like this:

I'm hoping that with that many people, all the wedding events will go like this:

We talked about who would be in our wedding party a long time ago. It was probably March when we first began discussing it. That isn't that long ago in real time. But in the course of our relationship and considering we've only been engaged since Memorial Day, that was forever ago.

We picked our bridesmaids, groomsmen, maids of honor, and best men based on who our close friends were. We couldn't narrow it down, so we decided to include everyone.

I've known for years that Lion would be my best man. But I don't think he knew I really meant it. And having Top as my maid of honor was a no brainer. She's my closest friend since I was about 9.

My other bridesmaids and bridal attendants are close friends of mine who I write regularly about in my other blog. Read about Bad, Camille, Gloria, Michelle, and Sonny on that blog. The other three haven't been written about in the blog... yet. There are only seven days in the week, so I'm working on that.

For our ring bearers and flower girls, the decision was a no-brainer. I don't any appropriately aged people in my family. Easy, however, has two sets of twins in his family that are just the right age. So we will have the most adorable little boys and girls. I am fully prepared for all the oohs and aahs.

Even two of our groomsmen are twins. But they look nothing alike. And there are multiple people throughout the wedding party with the same last names, so their names won't necessarily give them away as twins.

We also have two officiants. Why? Well, we both wanted our pastor to officiate the wedding and we rock at compromise.

Let's see, who's left... Well, I'm not going to tell the story of why Easy picked his groomsmen because I don't actually know all the stories.

Ah! The hostesses and ushers. Two of the hostesses are younger female family members who are in college, one of my side, one on Easy's. Our two hosts are in the middle of high school, one from each side.

We added a fifth hostess/usher because my mother says we need 1 for every 50 guests at the wedding. So we added a high school girl from my church who I mentor. She and Easy met when they were both in the wedding he and I met at last summer. They get along great, so she will fit in like she's part of the family.

And that is all. That's quite a lot, right? How many people is too many for a wedding party? I'm crossing my fingers that people say numbers over 40.

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