Friday, July 22, 2011

Snail Mailing All Our Friends And Family

My father went to the post office Monday during his work day and bought the postage and mailed our Save the Date/Engagement Party Invite/Moo Card package.

After slaving over these for a very long time, it felt good to have that big step accomplished. Designing invitations, finalizing the guest list, and tracking down addresses has been a special brand of wedding hell that makes a girl just want to run off and marry in Vegas.

Not that we're actually done. Nooooo. That would be awesome, but it wouldn't be true. We still have 20 more addresses we need from my FMIL (future mother in law). But, there's always a but! But, we have the process down!.

Putting addresses on labels and getting them out for that last 20 will be easy-peasy. The only real downside is that we're less than 4 weeks from our engagement party and some of the addresses we still need are invited to the e-party. But I have decided I am no longer worrying about that.

I've already shown you my lovely invites. I spent so much time on them and I am very proud of them.

So the question you may (or may not) have at this late point in the post: Why am I singing the praises of the post office?

Well, the STDs were dropped in the mail either late Monday morning or early Monday afternoon. And everyone in the Chicago area, suburbs included, got theirs on Tuesday. People who get their mail delivered at 10 am on Tuesday had them!

I lived in Florida during college and mail took forever. I could mail something to myself-- from home-- and it would still take 2-3 days to be delivered.

But in Chicago, my kind of town, things are different. Things are better.

Credit: Zazzle
In Chicago, your mail magically find itself where it's supposed to be in less than 12 hours. Because it's magic. Bippity boppity boo magic. I'm convinced that what it is.

So now we're just waiting until his mother tracks down the addresses. And also I'm focusing on the silver lining. There's always one.

And this time it's that in just a few short days, we'll have all our addresses and a completely completed guest list! Our wedding isn't until February 11th and that major stressor will be over and done with.

I'm currently intending on completely outsourcing our invitations to the actual wedding, and I'm not planning my wedding shower or bridal luncheon or bachelorette party, so I am possibly (cross your fingers) officially done with wedding invitation stress. Could it be true? I dearly hope so.

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