Monday, July 18, 2011

Engagement Party Dish, Part One

I want to dish about my upcoming engagement party. Easy and I are plotting to turn in into a jam session for his musician friends. There a lot of them that are not making the cut for the wedding invitation list.

The ones that are making the cut are my favorites of his musician friends that live in Chicago. They are amazing musicians and people. So having them around is enough to "spontaneously" (hard air quotes there) kick off a jam session.

If more people who weren't "invited" show up to jam, that should help us avoid offending my mother's etiquette-driven sensibilities. She's right that inviting people to pre-wedding events who aren't invited to the wedding is rude. But Easy wants a party, so we're going to try and make it work.

Don't know what a jam session is? Well, for jazz music, it's a gathering of musicians to jam. They play lots of different songs and mix and match which musicians will play. They set up drums and a keyboard and all the horn players and singers come up and make great music.

The restaurant where we're having our e-party hosts a weekly jam session that Easy leads from time to time. I think they might let us do it. I just intend not to tell them about it until the last minute to prevent the news leaking to my mother.

Are you sneaking any fun moments into your wedding planning but trying to keep it from an important person within the event, such as the person footing the bill?

Next, I'll talk about the actual dishes and other food products for the e-party.

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