Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Outsourcing Invitations

After the headache of figuring out just our Save-the-Date mailings and engagement party invitations, I know there's no way I ever, ever, ever, want to do this again. So I have concocted a solution.

No, I'm not finding an international invitation designer, though that does have a fantastic ring to it. Makes me think of fashion instead of unemployment. Moving on though.

My fiance Easy has been a well of goodness in this whole wedding planning thing. Every time I'm stumped as to the best route to go, he ends up supplying, without trying, the perfect solution. The best example of this is our wedding musicians, but that's a different post.

This post is about wedding invitations. I went through so much for our first wedding doohickeys. Because of timing and some other stuff, we decided to send out moo cards, engagement party invites, and save-the-date mailings all at once.

This seemed like a good idea. And it still is a good idea. Based on the length of our engagement and the date of our e-party, it really was the best option. But getting those mailings out was no small task.

It forced us to finalize our guest list early (thank God!). But tracking down addresses was only the tip of the iceberg. I didn't like any of the designs on vistaprint nor did I want to pay $7.99/ten invites. Not when we had to send them to 152 households!

So I designed them myself in a word document that could be uploaded and placed on a postcard. The postcards ended up being around $25 for 250, which is waaaaaay better than $199.75 for 250. Designing these invites was no small matter.

I'm very proud of them. Want to see them again? Okay.

You just get a snippet here. You can read the whole post here.

Designing these took waay longer than I expected. First I had to change the font. Then the wording. Then the color. Then the monogram. There was just so much that went into it. I lovingly spent a ton of time making sure they were just right.

Having gone through all that taught me one thing: I will never design another invitation in my life if I can help it. I know I can do it. DIY mission accomplished! Winning!

So the question became how was I to ever get something that would match what I've already done, but look even better for our actual wedding invites? I didn't want to break the budget, so I looked to Easy.

A good friend of his will be attending our wedding. His girlfriend is very sweet. She's also... wait for it... a photographer/graphic designer!! You can check out her blog here. She's got a great eye, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what she'll come up with.

She agreed to take a look to see what we'd like done and we agreed to pay her for her trouble. If she designs something wonderful, I won't be surprised, but I'll be very glad I will have successfully outsourced something that is not my passion to someone who would love to do it and be good at it.

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