Monday, July 11, 2011

Party Til You Puke (For An Extra Charge) Part One

I promise I have a good reason for that title, which I'll explain later. But really, it's Google and Wikipedia's fault.

This song is seriously ridiculous. Do NOT click play on this video if you're at work, or around small children, or generally don't like your computer yelling at you.

But anyway... We finally have a location for our engagement party!!!

I think my mother and I made it more difficult on ourselves than we had too. We went through several idea before we settled on one that worked.

Plan: Sit-Down Dinner At a Restaurant; like Maggiano's in Chicago
Why It Seemed Great: Imagine that picture except for an engagement party instead of a wedding reception. All of our family gathered for the type of food Chicagoans constantly drool over.
Why It Didn't Work: The cost is ridiculous for just the appetizer of our wedding events. And the environment is a bit too... stuffy... for the type of party we wanted to have ultimately. We envisioned our people having a great time hanging out, not being forced to stay in their seats for a plated dinner.

Plan: Art Gallery or Outdoor Venue
Why It Seemed Great: Easy loves places that look "industrial", like the G.R. N'Namdi Gallery in Chicago. Plus we could use our own caterer and decorations and music...
Why It Didn't Work: and liquor license... and linens... and tables... and chairs... and the costs began too add up a bit too much. It seemed that we at least needed a place that already had a liquor license as well as tables and chairs to accommodate what is turning out to be a wedding full of intimate parties for 100-300 people. Sigh.

Plan: Jazz or Blues Club, like Andy's Jazz Club in Chicago
Why It Seemed Great: Easy is a jazz musician. My mother and I were dying to incorporate that into the wedding somehow. These places have tables and chairs and are setup for live music, which is perfect for what we were once envisioning.
Why It Didn't Work: The cost for these places had to cover them losing business for that day. And we weren't prepared to cover costs for that much money. We'd have to have the party on Wednesday afternoon to afford it.

So we finally ended up with.... drum roll please... I'll just explain in the next post, lol.

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