Thursday, March 17, 2011

American Idol Top 12

This week, I was looking forward to American Idol because of the theme. Each week, they have a specific theme or artist for the contestants to focus on. This week, the focus was music from the year you were born. Most of the contestants are pretty young so most of the music came from the late 80s and early 90s. Two people even attempted Whitney Houston songs. Here are my rankings: Super, Good, Shoulda Been Better, Yuck, and Meh. I have each person in a category as well as why I put them there.

Super: Stefano Langone (what can I say? I loved the song, his voice, the arrangement, everything! I love him);
Pia Toscano (she really has grown on me. She sounds great, way better than Haley's ass, and she looked great and moved great. So great);
Scotty McCreery (so wonderful, as usual. Always a favorite);
Karen Rodriguez (I thought she might be boring, but she wasn't. I love that song from my early childhood and she sang it beautifully);
Casey Abrams (I'm loving, as usual, the risks he takes. He makes me wish I was a teenager with kelly bundy and zach morris);
Lauren Alaina (totally made up for last week. Great. Just great);
Jacob Lusk (what?! Rock? I loved it!)

Good: Paul McDonald (eh, I'm still not a fan, but he sounded food. Whatever);
James Durbin (again, not a huge fan, but I can't deny the man has skills, and he get mad points for personality)

Shoulda Been Better: Naima Adedapo (they were right about her being uncomfortable with moving while singing. I say give her a chance to build up the resistance and jump And sing);
Haley Reinhart (I love whitney, and Haley's version didn't suck. But it sounded karaoke)

Yuck: nobody, so many were great. And no one was yucky.

Meh: Thia Megia (again boring. Whatever)

This week, I'm voting for Pia, Jacob, Lauren, Karen, Stefano, Casey, Scotty. Naima gets another chance to get her freaking song selection right. I've given up on Thia. Too boring.

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