Thursday, March 10, 2011

My First Blogger Award!

Today, I received my first ever blog award!


Because I have won this award, I now have to tell you 8 things about myself that you may or may not know, depending on how long you've read my blog.

1. I used to be a medical student, but I left because I didn't want to be a doctor. People don't just leave medical school, so I made a huge splash with my people when I did that.

2. My first real adult relationship ended because my boyfriend died in a car crash.

3. My current relationship is amazing. I'm so in love in a way I always hoped I'd be, but never really thought possible for me.

4. My favorite colors are orange, pink, and periwinkle. My favorite colors also change, except orange, which has stuck around for well over a decade.

5.  I keep grocery bags. They just pile up in a kitchen cabinet, and never get thrown away.

6. I don't recycle. It's actually really hard to recycle in Chicago.

7. I am kind of obsessed with being healthy. Actually, I'm obsessed with doing things in moderation and not getting diabetes or high blood pressure or gout or arthritis or heart disease or kidney disease or lung disease when I"m older.

8. I love men's ties. I wish menswear would never go out of style. I own like five or six ties that I bought from the men's department at Macy's over the years. I buy a new one every time the style cycles back into trendiness.

I received this award from Kirsty over at Kirsty Girl. It was her first ever award too. I'm including one of her first paragraphs from one of her first posts to help you get to know her and her nesting blog.
This is my place to tell you all a little something of my ideas for my soon to be home! My style, my ideas, my thoughts, my projects, my way! And hopefully it can be a place to find inspiration off my readers too!
So, in my style of shameless promotion, check her out. Her blog is great. And she has a sign-up for a linky party too, where you can find new and interesting blogs.

Speaking of shameless promotion, I also have to pick 8 people to give the award to. Eight seems like a lot. But I'm going to do it. Disclaimer: I'm not checking to make sure these people haven't already won this award, I'm just giving them to bloggers whose style of blogging or actual style I love.

#1 P at *Insert My Blog Name Here*. I love her blog's design and she's always writing things that make me smile, laugh, or commiserate.

#2 Erin at 24 and Married - In The Midwest. Her posts are great and a mix of married life, plus interesting tidbits about health, life and family.

#3 Celebrations at Home. This blog has more than one contributor, so this award goes to all of you. This blog has great style. Seriously, almost any theme you can think of for any at-home party, they've got you covered with great suggestions.

#4 Pam at For The Love Of Cooking. She always has great recipes and the pictures look so yummy, you will be dying to try the recipes out.

#5 McKenna at Kissing Frogs. Her blog design is fabulous and you're bound to get caught up in her stories of navigating the frogs to find her prince.

#6 Whitney at Live In The Harvey Household. Her blog is cute, plus she's decorating her house room by room. Trust me, this girl has style.

#7 Rachel at The Thoughts and Travels of Rachel Cotterill. She travels a lot and then she always posts great photos of where she goes. Plus she's a writer, so the blog posts in between travels are always great too.

#8 SilverNeurotic at The Quarter Life Crisis. I love her blog. If you're in your mid-20s, this blog will feel like she's writing about all the things that happen in your life.

2 New Hypotheses:

Aww, thanks so much for including me! I'm looking forwards to checking out the rest of your list :)


You're welcome! Definitely check out the list. I chose some great blogs depending on your taste in blogs.

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