Thursday, March 3, 2011

American Idol, Top 24

The guys went first on Tuesday night. Here is my reaction:

How is it possible to mix Santa Claus and Seth Rogan and get sexy? Ask Casey Abrams. And Jacob, he brought tears to my eyes. I chalk that up as much to him singing Luther Vandross as his actual skills. Stefano, Brett, Clint, Scotty, and Jovany also made me fall in love all over again. I gotta say, I expected better from Jordan.

The girls went second on Wednesday night. Here is my reaction:

Those who I thought should have done better: TaTynisa, Thia, Julie
Those who rocked my world: Naima, Kendra, Karen (especially that part in Spanish), Ashthon, Haley, Lauren Alaina,

The people not mentioned I basically didn't bother to mention on purpose. But this isn't about my reactions, it's just saying who I voted for so far. I'll prolly post about this and Dancing with the stars all season. Deal with it.

Can I just say that I was super excited about voting online for American Idol this season. But my dream was not to come true. Why? Because you have to have or sign up for a Facebook account to vote online. Stupid idea. Stupid going-to-the-highest-bidder Fox. I get it. They have some crap partnership with Facebook that leads to higher promotion and participation for both.

So I had to vote by calling in. That whole process just bothered me. Last season, I was fine with calling in several times for each contestant based on how much time I wanted to spend calling in for each one. This time, I was over it. Even though the contestants are so much better this time, I was over it. So here's who I voted for with just one phone call each:

Pia, Lauren Alaina, Thia, Haley, Julie, Ashthon, Lauren Turner, Kendra, and Naima for the girls.
Clint, Jovany, Jordan, Tim, Brett, Robbie, Scottie, Stefano, Jacob, and Casey for the guys.
I did however vote for Jacob three times. He was just amazing!

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