Monday, March 7, 2011

So We Didn't Go Running

Easy says we'll go running tomorrow morning to make up for it. I didn't bother to explain that neither of us had the stamina to truly make up for missing today, so that wasn't the correct phrasing. But I left it alone cause who wants to date someone who is constantly correcting you? I guess Easy doesn't mind, but I try not to do it all day long.

I know you're wondering what happened? You were rooting that I was putting together an exercise routine that people all over would love to have as an option. How did I screw this up? Well, first I have a story to tell from earlier today.

Easy was texting me in the morning to make plans for our evening. We were going to go running, then head to the grocery store, then I was going to cook while he wrote/practiced (he plays the sax and writes great music). I was in on the plan. Then I left his house at noon to meet him and some co-workers at Applebee's. If you know Applebee's, you know that even their healthy food isn't that healthy. I had a Caesar side salad and chicken wrap, and still the after food coma got to me. Stupid Applebee's. And lunch was kind of boring because Easy and his co-workers talked shop the whole time. But it's okay. That's why God made Blackberrys.

I get back after lunch and immediately pass out, only waking up because I feel my phone vibrating and I hear Easy banging on his house door. I had his only keys to the place and I was going to have to wake up to let him in his own house. Then he wanted me to sit on his lap on the couch. I promptly went back to sleep. I'm leaving one part out. He called in the afternoon in the midst of my sleepiness and asked if I wanted to go to a Zumba class instead of run. I didn't want to, but he wanted to try it. Don't get me wrong, I'm willing to jump on the Zumba bandwagon too (it's at my parents' house on the Wii), but I wanted to run today. But I agreed to try the class.

I think that's what took my motivation away to exercise. I was all pumped to go running with my new running shoes (on sale at Marshall's for $10!), and when that wasn't the plan anymore, the wind was out of my sails. Back to the story. I was knocked out on the couch and Easy got up to go practice. I'm sure he tried to wake me, but I don't wake easily, and am completely uncooperative when very tired. I finally woke up and it was too late to make it to the Zumba class and he didn't want to go running. So we are trying again tomorrow. At least there's no Zumba class tomorrow, so we'll definitely be running.

We just have to go in the morning because I'd love to go to the Mardi Gras parade tomorrow night in downtown St. Louis. Jordan tells me it's really great. That decreases our chances of actually going, but I still have hope. I have to do something now that I've cancelled my expensive ass yoga membership.

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