Tuesday, March 8, 2011

We Actually Went Running This Morning

Last night over dinner, we decided we would try to get up and run this morning. I wanted to do that in the first place, but Easy wasn't feeling the idea of waking up even earlier in the morning. But seeing as how our work-out intentions for the evening didn't go well, we went to Plan B.

We woke up this morning (without alarms, yay) and got dressed to run. We headed outside and stretched and walked to the street. We took off jogging, with Easy going at a much faster pace than I would prefer. But we were going good for a while. Then we both got winded and slowed down to a walk.

There were two teenagers standing on one of the corners waiting for a bus. They gave us a very pointed look that clearly said, "black people do not go running. What are you doing?" We just kept going knowing how we stuck out like sore thumbs in that neighborhood.

Seeing as how it was only day one, I wanted us to not overdo it. So we only ran about half a mile in one direction. Then we turned around and ran back, ignoring the teenagers as they watched us even more intently. We talked, laughed, and cheered each other on as we ran. I found it interesting that he ran faster when we started yet I ran faster when we finished. That will be an interesting dynamic that hopefully keeps up both from overdoing it for any part of the exercise.

We came back to the house and stretched out a drank water. We don't spend a lot of quality time together before he goes to work, so that was a nice extra benefit. I showed Easy some stretches to help make him more flexible and improve his circulation. He's already pretty flexible, but he will be more so. And then all my neck rubs will be purely because they feel good, not because he needs them.

I really hope we go running again tomorrow. I will be extra proud of us if we do go because we are planning on attending a Mardi Gras parade tonight with a friend of his (and his girl) from college. Mardi Gras at night doesn't match with early morning exercise the next day. But this is St. Louis, not New Orleans, so I think we'll be okay.

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