Monday, March 21, 2011

Dancing With The Stars, The Premiere

I did a post on my ranty blog about Dancing With the Stars. I wasn't sure at the time if I was going to cover it on that blog or this one. But seeing as how I've been talking about American Idol here, DWTS gets the main blog treatment as well.

If you look at that post, I've already covered the main points about the cast of Season 12. But it starts tonight and I'm super excited. Because I'm in Chicago, I have no live music show to go to and therefore will be completely uninterrupted in my enjoyment of the premier. My parents won't even be home because they have their weekly Weight Watchers meeting.

The people I'm looking forward to seeing most is:
Romeo. Not only is he adorably sexy (I think that's a thing, haha), I'm really looking forward to his dancing. I hope he can dance. After the crap his father pulled on the show with not even trying ten seasons ago, I'd hope he wouldn't be on the show unless he intended to actually try to win.
Ralph Macchio. I just like him. And I'm dying to see if he can really dance.
Kirstie Alley. I can't wait to see how much weight she loses and I know she's going to have hilarious things to say.

The people I'm looking forward to seeing least is:
Wendy Williams. I'm an anti-fan. It's not just indifference, I really don't like having to watch or listen to this lady. I hope she doesn't last long. She would have to be an amazing dancer and surprisingly sweet for me to even consider voting for her.
Mike Catherwood. I'm still like, who is this guy? I've googled and wikipediad him. I'm feeling a strong sense of "meh".
Chelsea Kane. I don't know her. She's the first Disney star on the show who I've never heard of or seen before. Maybe I'm getting old. Maybe she's just not that fantastic. Either way, I think they could have picked a better, more-well-known choice for their Disney star. Not looking forward to this. I'm sure she can dance. I'm sure she's surprisingly sexy. Whatever.

If you might watch this show, don't forget to vote. I'm still not over what happened to Sabrina Bryan all those years ago.

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