Thursday, March 10, 2011

American Idol, Top 13

Everyone performed on one night this week.

First, let me say how surprised I was by the fact that they got rid of 11 people last week. This is my first year really following the show all season, except when Lee Dewyze won, and I was totally unprepared for that elimination.

I was sad to see Brett, Jovany, and Jordan go. But everyone else I really really loved stuck around. I love you Stefano and Naima!

My reactions
Awesome!: Casey Abrams (I found him to be as wonderful and sexy as always, plus the choir didn't have on damn robes!);
Pia Toscano (I haven't been too impressed, except by how pretty she is, but damn, she sang and won me over!);
Jacob Lusk (those damn choir robes!!! But he's so amazing, it didn't even matter. Take me to church every time man, I love it!);
Stefano Langone (I love what he did with that Stevie Wonder song. simply amazing!);
Karen Rodriguez (I love Selena and she did really great things with that song);
Scotty McCreery (I still can't believe that voice is coming out of a 16 year old. Voices like his are why I like country music);
Naima Adedapo (who knew this chick could dance like that? And she made me like a Rhianna song, yet she still sounded like the her that sang last week. Amazing)

Not bad: Lauren Alaina (I loved her as usual, and the song, but she needs more stage presence);
James Durbin (I love his voice and song selection, but I've never really connected with him as an artist);
Haley Reinhart (She has an amazing voice to be sure, and she sang the hell out of that song, but she wasn't amazing compared to Lauren)

You Suck: Paul McDonald (I would have sworn I loved him before this week, but I no longer care about his uniqueness or vision as an artist. And I have super mixed feelings about his clothing choices)

I'm feel a strong sense of "meh": Ashthon Jones (girl can sing and I love her voice, but I felt so uninspired. I almost felt something when she hit that highest note, but then it went away again.);
Thia Megia (she sang well and all that, but seriously, that's the song she picked? Seriously? Whatever)

Okay, so this is who I voted for this week. Casey, Pia, Jacob, Stefano, Karen, Scotty, Naima, Lauren, Ashthon, and Pia. Giving Ashton and Pia another chance. I have my fingers crossed for tonight.

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