Friday, March 4, 2011

An Online Quiz I Couldn't Resist

I was writing Monday's post for Gloria's Romantic Monday when I came across this Wikihow article that I simply had to include in her post. I also wanted to make a post on it for Easy and myself. The article is How To See If He's The One.

I've been talking a lot (it feels like it) about the future that I've decided I want for Easy and myself. I don't know what has gotten into me, but this is happening. And you are along for the ride! I feel better about doing this even though Easy is going to read it because I learned something about him the last time I was in St. Louis: Easy doesn't hate online quizzes.

We took this quiz together about what our "love language" was. It was something neither of us had ever thought we'd be doing without irony with the person we were dating. But it happened, and we both liked it. So I feel that he will not have an issue with me taking this online quiz (of sorts, it's not really a quiz, just a questionnaire) in the super public that is the blogosphere. So here goes

Step 1: Naturally Remember Important Dates  I've already admitted that I don't care for bothering to remember anniversaries. And I may have mentioned that Easy and I have trouble remember each other's birthdays. But we just don't have memories for stuff like that. I think it's more important that we agree on it's importance. After all I know his bday. July 7th. And our anniversary is February 20th or 21st (I still don't know if it was after midnight or not).  I've typed it and it's out there. If I'm wrong, Easy will tell me. I'm giving myself a point for this because I'm probably right about those dates.
Step 2: No Pressure To Become Intimate How do I put this... We both considered each other as a potential booty call before we realized we really enjoyed each other's company and we could date not just as a pre-cursor to sex. So, yeah, no pressure.

Step 3: Do You Compliment Even When He's Not His Best We compliment each other all the time. Plus Easy is always good looking to me. Even in the year's old underclothes and state of obviously needing a haircut, I'm still completely attracted to him and find him so handsome and I tell him all the time.

Step 4: Are Your People Liking Him I got lucky because Easy is just really easy to like. Everyone likes him. But yes, my people like him and I constantly look forward to him meeting my people. I can't wait til we go to NYC later this year so he can finally meet Top.

Step 5: Who Wins The "I Love You" Game He totally wins this game, but that's because I come from an emotionally inept family. But I'm getting waaay better at it. I think he would agree. It's a process. I'm getting better. I'll never win the game because he's just so affectionate. But I do use qualifiers when describing my love and I have been seriously considering saying, "I love you more".
Step 6: Talk About The Future Without Prompting Oh yeah, I think we talk about it way more than either of us intends to. It just happens.

Step 7: Do You Want To Exchange Keys Keys? I honestly never thought about this. But we're talking about living together in a few months. But I can't imagine giving him a key to my parents' house. That's batshit crazy!

Step 8: Comfortable Being Completely Yourself I think if anything we're too comfortable being ourselves. We do such a good job of accepting the flaws with the attributes that we have no problems being ourselves. I'm quite sure that it's only a good thing though.

Step 9: When He Thinks You're Not Listening, Does He Still Say Great Things He says exactly what he would say in front of me. He says it's because we don't have things we can't say to each other. That should let you know it isn't all "great", but I've never heard anything come out of his mouth that is uncharacteristic when he thinks I'm not listening. Of course, I don't do eavesdropping, so he's pretty much guaranteed that is he isn't talking to me, I'm not listening, haha.

Step 10: Is He Controlling? Cause If So, Run! No way. He's seen how contrary I can be when I feel like he's trying to tell me what to do, which by the way doesn't happen often anyway. The only thing he can tell me to do that ends well is a refill on whatever he's drinking. Seriously, that's it. But also, it's not in his nature to be controlling.

According to this 10 step questionnaire, 8 1/2 positive answers is great. If I were better at being emotional and I was a real adult with my own place, it'd be 10 out of 10. I guess when I get better at my emotions and get a damn job, Easy will be the one. At least according to this online quiz thingee.

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