Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Actually Got What I Asked For, I Think

I wrote a recent rant-y post about how when in a relationship, you should be the PR person for your significant other. The people in your life have their opinions shaped by what they know. And they only know what you tell them or they witness.

By that reasoning, it's important to help along positive opinions that aren't naturally inclined to be positive. For example, Easy's mother is not naturally inclined to like me. She does naturally like me, but when you factor in that I've got long-term designs on her son, things start to get into a gray area.

But Easy came through. I think. Before my rant-y post was even published a few days after I wrote it, he had fixed part of the problem with his mother. At least the part where she was treating me like I was a temporary addition. I know that type of behavior, it's how I treated all my brother's girlfriends until the fiancee came along. When things appear different, you respond differently.

Easy talked to his mother and requested a different response. There is a plan in place for her and one of his sisters, along with my mother and father to all join together for one of Easy's gigs. That will be the perfect opportunity for Easy's mother to be better and maybe focus on the fact that she just genuinely likes me for who I am. Plus, if she doesn't, my mother will have a bitch fit.

Not that my mother is worried. She has no idea that I'm having any issues with Easy's mother. Why? Because I do good PR. I want her to have a completely open mind when she meets his mother. But my mom hates is when she feels like one of her babies is being treated unfairly, and she's got a precision radar for that shit.

But I think it will be fine. Put a whole bunch of nice people together and things will end well. Yeah. Moving on. The reason I wrote this post is to express how nice it is that the guy I'm with actually fixed a problem. A problem I thought was a problem but he didn't actually got fixed! That's new and I like it!

I don't want to keep having problems. But I definitely want to keep dating Solutions Guy. That totally goes on Easy's relationship resume. You know, that list of skills and attributes that makes a person date-worthy. As this post has taken a turn for the sappy, I'm stopping here.

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