Monday, March 7, 2011

Saturday Night Could Have Gone Terribly, And Instead It Went GREAT!

Easy had a gig last night. And somehow, between him and I, we thought it would be a good idea to invite a number of people who matter to us, and throw them all together. That group included his mother, his oldest sister, his oldest sister's son, his oldest sister's son's girlfriend, a close fried of his from high school, my mother, my father, one of my best friend's Bad, and his girlfriend Jordan.

That's a lot of people, but the night went well. Easy had a gig at a pretty nice restaurant up in Evanston, IL. It barely counts as a suburb because if you're driving north in the city, you will be in Evanston before you know it. The street signs don't even change. Only the parking meters seem to be different. But I digress. He mentioned to my parents last month that they might want to check this gig out.

Then he invited along his mom to come Saturday night with my parents instead of Friday night. Then his sister, then his nephew and his nephew's girlfriend. Then he suggested I invite Bad and Jordan. Also, a friend of his from high school who's also a musician came too. So that's how we all ended up there.

I was a bit nervous about all the people meeting in such a random and large mix. And the restaurant put everyone at one big table instead of several small ones. That turned out to be good because it gave them a chance to talk a lot as opposed to a little. The music was great, the food was good.

They all seemed to have matching senses of humor and get along great. No teetotalers in the group, which of course only improved every one's mood. I learned a few things about the people in my life.

1. I really can take Bad anywhere and he'll fit into any crowd. This applies to Jordan now too.
2. My mom is really looking to bond with some young lady. I think Jordan is going to fill the gap my brother's fiancee never filled. There's something to be said for an instant connection
3. Easy's mom talks as much as mine did. They chatted each other's ears off the entire night.
4. My dad really loves live music. Like, he really loves live music. I'm not sure if he likes Easy because he's so nice and funny or because he plays the hell out of an alto sax.
5. I should have invited more people. My uncle and aunt were upset that we didn't invite them along.

I'm just glad the evening was a success. I hope future group outings will be fun for everyone. And I hope they all actually like each other as much as they seemed. I know my mom definitely loved Jordan. They're supposed to be going to lunch one day this week. That could have been my brother's fiancee. My mom really reaches out to people who will be important and around for a while. I think this is the first time she's seemed to really connect with a girl brought around my my brother, or a cousin, or one of my close guy friends. I hope it goes well.

2 New Hypotheses:

That's sounds like a lot of fun and a good hint at what holidays will be like! ;)


That's what I figured. In past years, my family hasn't been doing too much for Thanksgiving. That holiday is huge for Easy's family. I guess we'll see how that works out. But I'm trying not to think of it now because that's over six months away.

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