Thursday, March 24, 2011

America's Next Top Model, Top 9

I talk about American Idol and Dancing With The Stars, and I want to talk about America's Next Top Model too. So I am. They're down to nine contestants. Here's my reactions to each girl.

Kasia: got the top pic last week. She isn't impressive enough to be the second plus size model winner. At least not yet. I'm underwhelmed. And she's um...not an animal person. Poor girl. But her photo looked amazing. Much better than her photo shoot showed.

Dalya: has modelling experience, but I'm not blown away by her yet. She's just...blank. No expression. They should have written a script for her in that commercial. I hated the photo, and I don't know that she would get better. So I'm not sad to see her gone.

Alexandria: Ms. Bossy. Shut up and model! And none of the girls like her. I know editing adds to it, but she's not likable. Hearing about her background makes her more bearable, but she's gotta draw a line between strong and bitchy. I liked her photo, but it wasn't amazing.

Molly: a trooper dealing with that horrible weave! And then she had to work with Alexandria's jerky self. I'm not sure I like her for long-term. Her photo wasn't so good either. I'm glad they're giving her another chance.

Monique: I just love her. She's not too sexy. And I love her personality. And she handles Alexandria the best I think. Her photo is amazing. I would be happy with her winning.

Mikaela: at first, I'm like who? I apparently had blocked her because of the eyebrows. Gotta love the potty mouth. Her photo was drag-queen-ish. Maybe it's just those darn eyebrows!

Brittani: love the haircut, hate her voice. But if she gets her confidence up, she'll be amazing. The best photo I think was hers. Her face, the animal, the clothes.

Jaclyn: soooo cute. She's like a cute little chipmunk with the voice and the eyes. And that girl can pull off a red or hot pink lip like no one else can! Her photo was amazing. I don't know that I want her to win, but I hope she sticks around for a few more weeks.

Hannah: I love her natural funkiness. It's better because she's so sweet. The animal looked like clothes on her. Great photo. I'd be happy if she won.

2 New Hypotheses:

I am SO glad to find someone who watches ANTM like I do.
I haven't picked out a favorite, but I like Hannah & Molli a lot. I think that Brittani is really talented.
I wish Alexandria would go, but she'll stay around for a while just to make good TV.


Yay, I'm glad you like it too! I'm definitely a Brittani and Molly fan, and of course Hannah too. I'd love to see if more people agreed with us on our three faves.

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