Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Actually Being Spontaneous!

I missed In My 20s Tuesday yesterday because I had a weird schedule. I woke up whenever I woke up, no alarm clock!!! Yes, I used three exclamation marks, that's just how happy I was to not be using an alarm clock on a Tuesday in April for the first time in years. Literally, since high school when Spring Break was in April.

I got up, spent more than 10 minutes working out on my Wii Fit Plus. Then I made myself some nice lunch. I went to the med school to take care of the steps I need to take to withdraw. I worked some more on my resume. Then I was feeling spontaneous. And for once, when feeling spontaneous, I actually got to be spontaneous. I called Bad to see what he was doing after work. He was free, so I drove down to Chicago and we went to this new place called Vintage 338. It's amazing. I found it on We sampled some great wines and got a bottle of the one we liked. I'd never even heard of this wine. It's called Orvieto.  It's so lovely, and it's perfect for someone like me who's favorite wine is Riesling.

While we were there, I told him about my blog. He's the first of my friends I actually told about it, he seemed surprised I had one and flattered that he showed up regularly in it. You can read about Bad (and his girlfriend Jordan) in my other blog. They're mentioned quite often.

Because it was Tuesday, we went to Buffalo Wild Wings to get some chicken. We had a lovely evening hanging out, being spontaneous, and then headed to our homes to get some sleep. It was even a nice drive back to Rockford since I was leaving from the north side. If this is what life is going to be like from now on, I feel even more justified for wanting to do backflips at the thought of having withdrawn from medical school. I finally feel like a real person. I finally feel like me.

3 New Hypotheses:

Sounds like an awesome day. I love the feeling of freedom! (ahem, I also love BW3's). How did the withdrawal process go? Was it fairly painless?


It's been far too long since I've had a day like this. Even though I'm not working, I always find myself camped out near the phone just in case today is the day I'll get that call.


BW3s is awesome!!

The withdrawal process is timely but fairly painless. The good news is because it's timely, I get basically an extra month before the clock starts on my tuition re-payments. Let's hope I can find a job sooner than that though.

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