Thursday, April 1, 2010

Visiting Home for Easter Weekend

I'm going home to visit my parents (and PT) tomorrow. I'm actually kind of excited. Last school year, I went home 2, maybe 3, times each month. This year, not so much. I just haven't had the time. They keep us pretty busy. This is a very good weekend to go home. It's Easter after all. My family, very Baptist, makes a pretty big deal out of holidays. Easter is a good time. We have our traditional foods (some sort of lamb, always green beans, pound cake, and macaroni and cheese). They're not really traditional, it's the just the tradition my family follows, lol. And my mom is always in such good spirits because she's coming down off her high of indulgence once Lent ends. It appears to be a happy weekend coming up.

The other thing I'm looking forward to is the SNMA Conference. SNMA stands for Student National Medical Association. It is an organization derived from the NMA which was started by African-Americans as a response to being denied membership to AMA (good old American history). It still exists to promote the enrollment and matriculation of African-Americans to and through medical school. It also provides a sense of comraderie. I'm not sure how many people are aware of these statistics, but unless you go to Howard or Morehouse, you're likely to be one of only one or two black people in your class. But anyway, the national conference is this week end/weekend and it's in Chicago! Which is super awesome seeing as how I'm headed there to visit my family. It'll be a great chance to reconnect with my friends who attend other universities.

PT asked me if I had Good Friday off (I don't). I'm hoping if he asked, that means he'll be available for us to spend some time together. Check out my other blog about my love life for more details on that.

And of course, the issue I always face when heading home is making time to study. This is where my lovely wonderful Kindle comes in. I no longer have to lug a laptop and several texts home when I go. I now just have my laptop and my Kindle. It allows me access to hundreds of pages of notes at my fingertips. Seriously, if you are looking to get an e-book reader, do it! Just like cell phones, computers, and every other awesome technology, it will change on you in two years. It's okay and that's actually a good thing because (if you're not Apple), the next cool invention will be cheaper.

Here's a random thought: my mother still calls my old bedroom my bedroom. I haven't lived with my parents since July 2003. But it's still my room? I wonder how many other 20-something people have to deal with their parents having weird things they still hold onto.

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