Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure

First, let me say that I have to keep my nails incredibly short for the purpose of practicing medicine. I'm sure most people want their healthcare provider to have short nails, and not just for sanitation purposes. Does anyone want a rectal or pelvic exam from Edward Scissorhands? I think not.

And when I'm in the hospital, my nails have to be clean and clear of polish. But the rest of the time, I like to keep them neatly filed and painted. The new polish I have picked up is from the Complete Salon Manicure Line by Sally Hansen. I got #130 "Sheer Me Now" because I like the nude look. I am a dark skinned African-American woman, so nude colors look particularly pale on me. I like that look as a change-up because I usually have nails that are a very very dark red, blue, or purple.

The nail polish took me three coats to get an even look across the whole nail. It also took a long time to set. I would recommend using a top coat to get the shine and to get the drying jump started. It lasts about 3 days of dish washer loading and showering before chipping. And it will got about 10 days on the toes before it needs to be re-done. Not bad. I've seen this polish at Wal-greens, Wal-Mart, CVS, and a couple of grocery stores.

My Favorite Things About Sheer Me Now: 1) The color is oh-so-delicious! 2) It works for the office, for daytime, for nighttime. 3) It doesn't turn my nail polish removal sponge weird colors.
My Least Favorite Things About Sheer Me Now: 1) I had to use three coats. 2) I had to use a top coat. 3) The design of the brush makes it too easy to drip and paint outside the lines.
Final Rank: 4/5 The product is everything except environmentally friendly. The fun-factor isn't exactly true for women with lighter skin, but for the change of pace in color is frisky!

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