Thursday, April 1, 2010

Peoples' Reactions to Obama and the Things He Says

There have been so many times I've read some news article or opinion piece where someone is lamenting Obama signing up to do something they don't want him to. This applies most recently to drilling offshore for oil to help us transition to clean energy. There have been others: Obama not demanding the public option; Obama trying to negotiate with Iran's president; Obama "continuing" the war in Iraq while expanding the battle in Afghanistan; Obamas feelings on taxes. This list goes on and on. Each time Obama takes a definitive stance on an issue, there is someone there to point out that's not what Obama said he was gonna do when he was running for President.

All you have to do is wait about 3 days for someone to pull up the quotes and debate statements from the campaign to find out that Obama has yet to flip flop on any issue. We all know that if he did flip flop on anything, there would be a loud cry from Fox News etc. calling him a flip-flopper. But it doens't quite matter to those who get first bite and what he has to say.

Whether it's far-right conservatives, far-left liberals, or just someone in between who is complaining about a policy they don't agree with. One of the first things out of their mouth is that they don't remember Obama having said position in his campaign. But so far, they've all been wrong. All of them. I like it when our president stands true to what he has decided are his policies and views. It's so nice to see the message stays the same as was promised to me in his campaign. It certainly isn't Obama's fault if people weren't listening closely. I heard you Barry, and I like what I'm seeing. A decisive man who sticks to his guns and makes the hard decisions.

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