Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Downsizing my Blogs

I currently have four. They're all relatively new. I decided to downsize my blogs. One I made just to make reviews, but I can easily put that on here so I don't feel the obligation to constantly review things if I don't try anything new (or new to my current experience, lol). The other I called Stream of Consciousness. It was just whatever I wanted to talk about in a Stream of Consciousness. I've decided to have Stream of Consciousness Sunday so I can keep that as well. Yay.

But, it's just too much work trying to keep up four blogs that hardly anyone reads yet anyway, lol. So if you were reading my other blogs, http://reviewsbycece.blogspot.com/ and http://socbycece.blogspot.com/, they're gone. Everything is now on this site. Of course, I still have a separate blog dedicated solely to My Love Life, and the love life of my closest friends and family. They're lightly protected by code names. But it's so easy to know who's who if you know me, lol. Sorry about putting peoples' business out there, but it's just so interesting, I feel the need to share it with the blogosphere. Moving on to my first Tuesday blog, trying out the themed days still, so far so good. I think Medical Mondays went well yesterday...

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