Sunday, April 11, 2010

Potbelly Sandwich Works

This is one of my favorite sandwich places. For anyone who likes sandwiches but has never been to Potbelly's, you should really go.

Compared to the sandwich place most people have been to, Subway, Potbelly's doesn't have nearly as many options. They have far fewer meat options, far fewer toppings options. And they only have two bread options. But what they have is just so good! And unlike Jimmy Johns, they'll never put those horribly sprouts on your sandwich.

They have some unique options like Peanut Butter and Jelly. They are also trying out new sandwiches all the time, the latest being three cheese tomato melt. I haven't tried that one yet cause I really don't like tomato sandwiches, but I bet it's awesome. The main good thing about Potbelly's is the large amount of meat on the sandwiches. There's an option for extra meat, but you don't need it. If you got extra meat, there'd be more meat than bread!

They have sandwiches that they send through a broiler kind of like Quizno's. They add topping and condiments (mayo and mustard are your options), and wrap up your sandwich. They have cute local chips at each place. So the chips you see in Chicago are different from the ones you'll see in Rockford. In Chicago, they have local yummy Vitner's chips and in Rockford you'll find locally produced Kettle Chips.

There are other options too. They have hand-packed ice cream and they always have a flavor of the week. They use those ice creams to make shakes on request. Those shakes always have adorable little Salerno butter cookies on the straw. Potbelly's is the only place left on the planet where you can still find those cookies, stupid recession. They also always have chili. And they have two other soups all seven days of the week. They vary, but they're all good.

If you go to Potbelly's for the first time, I would recommend getting one of the menu sandiches made the way it's described on the menu. I would also recommend getting a cup of chili, with the cheese and onions only if you like those toppings. And get a shake in your favorite flavor. It'll be worth it.

My Favorite Things About Potbelly Sandwich Works: 1) The lovely crunch the soft bread gets after going through the salamander. 2) The mustard. I'm a mustard person and they kind they serve there is just so good. 3) The employees. They are always always in a good mood.
My Least Favorite Things About Potbelly Sandwich Works: 1) Um..... I don't really like they're roast beef, but I don't like Jimmy John's or Subway's either, just Quizno's.
Final Rank: 4/5 The only problem I have is with their cost. Compared with the other sandwich places, they're a little pricey. The only people who can beat them is Quizno's.

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