Monday, April 5, 2010

I Really Love My Kindle

So, I made the mistake of leaving my lights on in my car. Of course the battery went dead. I did this two days after getting the battery replaced because it was old and I left the lights on and the battery went dead, lol. In my defense, my car used to make a noise if I turned the car off and the lights were still on. But, my car has some electrical issues (I flipped it over the first weekend after I bought it, long story that ends with why I'm so close to Bad now) that isn't worth being fixed for the money it costs. I don't always remember.

Back to the point, my car does an interesting thing when the battery goes dead. After I get a jump, the radio won't turn on. The car's computer or whatever needs to be reset. Well, I haven't gotten around to going to the Honda dealership to get it fixed. So, I have no clock, no radio, no CD, no iPod. I love music, a lot. And I defnitely need to listen to music when I'm driving. When I went home this weekend, I of course drove to Chicago. I left something important here in Rockford, so I had to drive back here Saturday morning when I left PT's house, and then of course drove back to Chicago. Then I drove back to Rockford on Sunday. That's hours upon hours of driving. I would've been up a creek without a paddle were it not for my Kindle.

It has an experimental MP3 player!!! Oh yeah! So, I was jamming to MidSummer's Night Dream (Maxwell), Essential Michael Jackson, Gems (Patti Labelle), and some more music. I was so happy I had that music on my Kindle that I take everywhere with me. I would have been so sad to do all that driving in silence. My Kindle altered the fate of my whole weekend. I'm not exaggerating, I'm so serious.

I really should get my radio re-programmed or whatever. But it's nice to know that it's not the end of the world if I have to take a road trip.

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