Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Totally Atypical Sunday

Usually my Sundays start off with me waking up later than I intended. I hardly ever make it to Sunday School. That applies whether I'm in Chicago or Rockford. I just am not a morning person, and nothing about the words Sunday or School do enough to rouse me out of my rest. I feel especially bad about in Chicago since my mother is the Superintendent of our church's Sunday School. But here in Rockford, I feel less bad because their Sunday School is sooooo long. For those who don't know what Sunday School is, it's basically a time for churches to teach doctrine and Bible knowledge to those who attend.

But, I usually make it to church in Rockford right on time. In Chicago, I tend to be a little late. But I enjoy church. I'm Baptist and both churches I attend are predominantly African-American (don't even get me started on how churches are one of the few strongly segregated places in America). That means the music is always doing something extra. I love the music, I love the preaching at both churches. I even like the fellowship afterwards where people are just talking and catching up with each other.

But today, that was not my Sunday. I watched some of Shrek on tv, then went to the grocery store. I just wasn't in the mood for it today. My parents really rained on my Courageous-Step-Forward-In-Life-Parade. They did a complete 180 on their supposed support for my decision and that kind of ruined the rest of my weekend. At least Top, Bad, and PT were able to make me feel better by letting me talk out my frustrations.

I'm not sure how familiar people are with the Cosby Show, but I grew up watching it, as did most everyone in my life. And one of the Huxtable kids, Sandra was supposed to be going to law school while her husband was supposed to be going to medical school. Or something like that. The point is they changed their minds right at a very critical point. And then they decided to open a wilderness store. PT has been making jokes that now that I've decided to disappoint my parents, am I now going to open a wilderness store? Top made the same joke, and so did Bad come to think of it. They have had me cracking up about that. It's good to laugh when things aren't the best, you know?

Well, I bought a nice bottle of wine from the grocery store. It's my favorite wine in all the world (lol, that's a big statement) for now and I'm gonna enjoy drinking that wine. I haven't even had a drink since the orange juice (Sunny D, he called Sunny D orange juice!) and rum PT made me last time I was in Chicago. So I feel like it's okay for me to drink an entire bottle of wine by myself on this fine Sunday afternoon. I deserve it after the end of the week I've had. And with my schedule, it's not like I'll have time to drink for a while again anyway. There, now that I have my justification out of the way, where's my corkscrew?

2 New Hypotheses:

I don't attend Church anymore (used to go to Catholic Church, but my heart isn't there), but I can see how, during some kind of conflict, you would want a break from your normal routine. It might give you an opportunity to think in a different way than you would if you spent the day at Church.

Regarding your "big decision". It's your life that you have to live. You have to make the decisions that will make you happy and which will give YOU the most satisfaction. Parents don't always get that (trust me, I regularly drive my mom insane). Once you figure out your path, it'll calm down and everyone will see that you made the right decision. Whatever it is.


I hope you're right. In the midst of my trying to get my parents to understand, I reference another big decision I made they didn't agree with that turned out better than ever. They weren't convinced. I wished they would remember how to trust my judgement.

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