Thursday, April 22, 2010

TMI Thursday!

***Alright, folks, you know the rules. Join us all in humiliating the crap out of yourself every Thursday by sharing some completely tasteless, wholly unclassy, “how many readers can I estrange THIS week??” TMI story about your life. Or hell, about someone else’s!

So, I've learned my lesson about getting ideas for blogs and then forgetting them by the time I actually sit down to write my blog post. I have started using the notepad on my Blackberry, and it works quite well. Yay for me!
Today's post is about a New Year's party I threw back in 2005. It was my first New Year's as a 21 year old. All of my friend from church who were my age were all younger than me. My girl Top is a friend from church, and she is older than me, but she didn't hang out with the church people. But the church people that did hang out with each other decided it would be a good idea to throw a New Year's Eve Party. With alcohol. At a hotel. And since I was the only one who was 21, obviously that meant I was the one who had to rent the 2 (two!) rooms in my name.
I didn't invite anyone to this party because I was slightly embarrassed to be the person behind this underage drink-fest. But one of my friends was nearby with a date, and decided to stop through. It didn't take too long for the party to get out of control. People were going back and forth between the two rooms, and making lots of noise in the hallway. Someone had brought weed, and weren't being very discreet about smoking it. Top's younger cousin, who was like 18 at the time showed up. The average age had to be around 19. I was so sure I was going to jail, so of course I got very drunk to make it through the night.
Top's cousin got super drunk and then decided she wanted to go home. I tried to stop her from driving home, but did not succeed. So I left a drunken voice mail for Top explaining that I was sorry for possibly being responsible for her younger cousin's death by car accident.
Then a much-younger-than-me guy from my church who I rarely saw decided he wanted to mack on me. Again, he was like 18. But he was so cute and very persistent. So, when the clock struck midnight, he gave me a very public, very long, very involved kiss. I didn't stop him. After all, I was drunk and he was cute, and he still goes down in history as the best kisser I've ever kissed. The fact that I was drunk doesn't weigh much because I've kissed other people while drunk. But I really felt bad because I did have a boyfriend at the time who would've had a fit had he ever found out what I'd done.
And of course, the party got shut down before it was even 1 AM. One of the girls who helped pay for throwing the party called her cousin because many of us were too drunk to drive. So he rounded up a couple of his friends (still don't know why they weren't drunk. These people gave me my first drink almost 10 years ago...) and came to get us. Did I mention this guy was my pastor's son? Did I add he drove us to his grandmother's house so we could sober up?
Do I decided to take the guy who kissed me home (booo for drunk driving) and ended up staying there making out with him on his couch for hours and finally drove home after the sun came up. I didn't sleep with him because of guilt over cheating on the boyfriend. By the way, that new year's was on a Saturday night, so I still got up and went to church. I don't know how much the church people knew about that party, but no one ever said anything to me about it. But still, I took that as an example of what not to do on New Year's. From then on, I partied only with properly aged, non-weed-smoking people and I stopped kissing people who weren't my boyfriend, lol.

2 New Hypotheses:

Lol, no you did not. If I could take back that night, I would. I've had so many way better New Year's since then. And none that involved a hotel calling the cops to help escort my friends and I out.

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