Sunday, April 25, 2010

Free Time

I've had a huge amount of free time in the last week. More free time than I've ever had before. Even on break from high school and college, I was always thinking about the things that had to be done once I got back. Down time was always about sanity, never truly relaxing.

But in the hours when I haven't been working on my resume or sleeping I've done so many things. I've spontaneoulsy driven to Chicago for the evening. I've been reading books I bought months ago. I finally finished a song on my keyboard I've been learning since September (September!). I finally learned the Espert version of You Oughta Know on Rock Band 2. I baked a pie. I've been working out for 1 hour plus each day. I've watched countless movies.

I've done so many things, it's amazing. I finally feel like a real person. I don't even know how to explain it. It's kind of like always avoiding cheese because it's the stuff they skim off curdled milk, but finally trying it and deciding you love it and wondering where it's been all your life. That's a crazy metaphor, but that's how it is.

I've always avoided a life without pressures and tons of responsibilities because it didn't seem right. And even now, that's not the case, it's just a different pressure. Now I have the pressure to get the perfect resume so I can get a job and start a new career path. But that's so much different that spending over half of each of my days working towards my goal.When I'm done working on my resume, I'm actualy done.

I like this new world with concrete tasks! I may never leave!

3 New Hypotheses:

I can't get past Intermediate on Guitar Hero on any song - my fingers don't seem to want to move up and down the guitar. Also, I totally am a baker, and when I have downtime, I'm usually rambling on about making/eating cake or cookies. Love that you made a pie!


Oh, I'm so bad at Expert on Guitar or Bass. I'm all about the drums! That's my "instrument" of choice.

The only time I play is when Bad is visiting and he's playing the guitar and I'm playing the bass.

Oh, and the pie crust was so good, I used the leftover dough to make something that amounted to shortbread style-pie crust-cookie thingees. Sooo good!


It's fun for awhile, but then you'll find you want some kind of project to work on.

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