Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How I See My Future

For an update on some stuff about PT, check out my other blog. But on to today's topic.

I'm glad I've left a couple of days open on my blog with all my new themed days. I am not gonna do Where in the World Wednesday because I don't go anywhere. I'm just always in Rockford. But my life won't always be this way. I look forward to the day when I can travel. I'm going to talk about the life I see for myself. I think I see it at about 10-15 years from now. Or rather, the life I'd like to have by the time I turn 40.

I want to be married. I want children, 3 or 4, at least one adopted. That would make me very happy. I want to be living in Chicago, hopefully in a large house with a nice large lawn. This is such an odd preference for a city girl, but I want a wrap-around porch on my house. I want to still be a member of the church I grew up in with my husband and children being active members too.

I want to have a nice private group practice (who knows if that'll be possible in the new medical world we'll be in a few years from now) kind of the like one on Private Practice on ABC. I also want a free clinic that the hospital I work with when doing deliveries helps to pay for. That free clinic would allow me to help people who's insurance doesn't cover all their medical needs, and the uninsured who fall through the cracks with the insurance exemption because of super low salaries. And I'll do house calls like the doctor on Royal Pains on USA.

But I'll still magically have time to be an active parent and a good wife. And of course to travel. In fact, I imagine (PT is the template for this particular ideal since he's in education) that I'll travel with my family to a different country for about 2 months each summer to practice medicine internationally and immerse myself in the country and culture. Each year it'll be somewhere different. My kids will be well aware of the world around them. And my husband will come with me. We'll have adventures and keep things interesting because there will always be new experiences.

I'll be able to keep myself in the lifestyle to which I'd like to become accustomed. Think weekends in the south of France that I didn't decide on until the previous Tuesday. Think Jimmy Choo shoes bought on a whim. Think housekeeper cause we'll all be far too busy to try and keep up with the housework.

And my friends will all be doing well. Even though we'll be living all over, we'll still be close and our kids will be frieds. Top will prob be in NYC. Bad will probably be in Atlanta. Lion will probably be in DC or Dallas. Noni will probably be in Miami. At least they're all great places to visit and vacation.

And I'll have an active life with hobbies and volunteering. I want to get involved with Big Brother Big Sister as soon as I'm stable. I also want to do Habitat for Humanity. And when something happens like what happened to Haiti, I want to be able to go and volunteer my services to the community. As far as hobbies, I want to actually learn more about ballroom dancing, maybe even compete in the amateur competitions. I also want to take some classes, such as yoga or hula dancing or tae kwon do, or whatever catches my fancy. Top's mother is the inspiration for this. She does so many things and has learned so many skills over the years through her hobbies: baking, sewing, marathon running, etc.

Oh, and pets! I want pets. I hope to have enough property/land to have horses. I also want cats, dogs, birds, fish. And I have to have plants and a garden. Lord only knows how I'll have all these things I want. But it starts with a dream. Next, is planning. The first step is to get through school and find a man who wants to marry me (who I also want to marry).

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