Monday, April 12, 2010

Forgetting What I Wanted to Blog About

I was driving to class today and I had the most awesome idea for today's blog. In fact, I had two awesome ideas... The problem is I don't remember them now... Sigh. This has happened to me before. My life isn't particularly eventful, but stuff happens in the world around me, to my friends and family, and even sometimes to me. I like to blog about it. But sometimes, the inspiration hits me when Im not sitting right in front of my laptop and the inspiration floats away like Tim Burton's Cheshire Cat ( I know he didn't create the cat, but he is responsible for its latest incarnation). So then I'm stuck with trying to remember what witty wonderful thing I wanted to share with the blogosphere.

It's not like I couldn't have taken note of it in some way. I am a text-while-driving kind of girl. I'm an everything while driving kind of girl: eating, talking ont he phone, adjusting the radio, sexual physical activity, but I digress. But I was too busy e-mailing Top about why she is truly for real done with Jack.  They had a talk and he felt they might be too different to work things out. She took that as he wasn't as serious about her and he had led her to believe and she told him he shouldn't be throwing around the word love if he wasn't going to back it up. So, while I was thinking about my lovely blog idea, I neglected to use any of the tools at my disposal to make a note of it.

And I have a lot of tools. My Blackberry has a voice recorder, a note pad, SMS, MMS, and e-mail capabilities. I could've e-mailed myself the idea. But I didn't. I -- it just hit me!!! I knew it would if I was self-deprecating enough to lambaste myself for not remembering. Well, I've remembered one idea. Some of my favorite blogs to read are the ones that have themes for some of the days, like TMI Thursdays. I was thinking I could have that for my blog too, at least my main one. But I need some good ideas for what to do.

Here's what I have so far. Medical Monday. Medicine is a big part of my life and I don't talk about it that much on my blog (lol, so not true). But I could have a day where I showcase it or talk about important things in medicine. I don't know how many people would actually care about that, but I care...

Friends & Family Fridays. I talk a lot about my friends and family. I've even given most of them blogosphere names. But there is more to share and if I had a themed day, I'd probably share more.

But how many themed days are too many? I dunno.

In My 20s Tuesday is another idea. I like talking about things that should matter to people in their twenties. Things about establishing adulthood and starting adult lives, stuff like that. Oh and political and current events things that have a profound effect on our future.

Looks like I've talked my way into some themed days. I'll try them out and see if I like them. But I don't think I need any more than four themed days, it'd be nice to leave some time open just whatever comes to mind. So, I have: Medical Mondays. In My 20s Tuesdays. TMI Thursdays. Friends & Family Fridays. Nice! I think I like this idea!

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