Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend With My Family

I just got back from being at home with my family for Easter. It was a pretty enjoyable time. I got to spend some time with PT, I got to hang out with my grandmother, I even had time to head downtown for the banquet for the SNMA conference. I will not bore anyone with all the details, but I will give the summary.

Friday, I get home with plans to go bowling with my parents when they were finished listening to my brother Louie preach at the Seven Last Words Program at his church. But the program ran long and they neglected to tell me. My own parents stood me up! So when PT called to ask what I was doing, I got in my car and went to his place. We had a lovely evening. His daughter has finally moved from Princess and the Frog onto the Squeakuel. I hadn't seen it, but I did see (and like) the first movie. I took the girl I mentor to see it in theaters. So when he told me his daughter has him watch it multiple times in a day, I figured he wouldn't mind watching it again. He didnt.

Saturday was cool. I helped my mom in the kitchen preparing dinner for Sunday. Then I headed downtown to the SNMA conference. I wasn't actually registered for the conference, but my friend got me an extra ticket to the banquet. My alma mater, FAMU, was up for MAPS Chapter of the Year. I was so sad they didn't win.

If you're from Chicago,  you know about Harold's Chicken Shack. I took some FAMU girls there so they could get this famous fried chicken. Then I drove them around the city so they could see the neighborhoods and the skyline. Chicago is such a beautiful city. When I'm looking at how gorgeous and diverse this city is, I really forget my ability to understand how anyone would ever want to live anywhere else.

I'm gonna skip Saturday late night because it ended with police, an ambulance, and a half-naked bleeding girl. Maybe I'll tell the story on TMI Thursday.

Sunday was great. Louie brought Keisha to dinner and our family got to spend some real time with her. It's the first time we've been all together. I think my grandmother shares my opinion of her. She is a perfect match for my brother.

All in all, it was the perfect weekend at home. Lol, not really, but at least it was varied/eventful.

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