Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Okay, I am ridiculously happy for a new development. Netflix now allows you to get instant view movies on your TV through your Wii!!! This makes me so ecstatic. I've always been envious of my friends with PS3s who could get it. Especially since there were extra movies available that I couldn't get just on my PC. I'm super excited. Can you tell?

I love love love movies. Seriously I love them. I don't love all movies, but I do like what I like. Currently, I'm all about most everything Disney makes (go The Princess and the Frog), heists (Ocean's Eleven, Italian Job), romantic comedies (He's Just Not That Into You, Sleepless in Seattle), musicals (Guys and Dolls, Hairspray), epics (Lord of the Rings, Star Trek), some suspense (Sixth Sense, Memento), action flicks (The One, Iron Man), comedies (Blades of Glory, Bringing Down The House), concerts (Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson), and some dramas (Black Snake Moan, We Own The Night).

That's a lot of movie types, I know. But I left out foreign films, film noir, classic old films, kung fu movies, and movies made just to win Oscars (like The Aviator). Oh, and emotional chick flicks like Nights in Rodathe make me hurl. If you're gonna make a movie emotional, I need some action, like The Blind Side or Remember the Titans. For every sad scene, someone got knocked down on a football field!

I'm just so excited at the new possibilities. I like to put in a movie before I go to bed. My options will be extended now if I decide I don't want to watch one of my DVDs. That will be interesting if PT ever makes his way up here and spends the night. He likes to watch TV when he goes to bed too. But at his place, it's usually Sportscenter. That's totally fine with me, but it'll be different at my place, lol.

I'm so excited to get my disc I need to use Netflix (they could've just given us a download from the Wii store, but I'll let that pass). I'm supposed to get in 1 business day and I hope that still applies even though I didn't request it until after close of business today. I have a really nice television (32" HD something or another, my daddy picked it out, lol) and I'm looking forward to the picture quality as compared to my laptop. But it's about more than just my laptop. It's also about my internet speed, but my Wii pulls up the weather and new pretty quickly, so I've got my fingers crossed!!

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