Monday, April 26, 2010

My Little Sister

I don't actually have a little sister. I just have an older brother who I refer to as Louie in my blog posts. But this sister I gained through my relationship with the Ex.

I met his family a few months after we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I knew some of them because they went to my high school or my music coservatory at some point. But his younger sister I didn't know. She was, of course, suspicious of me (an any woman her brothers brought home). But she was in a bit of a crisis seeing as she was growing up and had no young woman in her life to offer mentor-like help in situations.

The Ex suggested that perhaps I could fill that empty big slot for her. Since he and I both figured (at that time) that we'd end up together, I'd just start on that big sister thing early. So, she and I started a tentative relationship that quickly grew into something we both decided was great for us. She was the lovely little sister I always wanted to positively influence and I was the big sister she could share things with she hadn't told anyone else.

Then the Ex and I broke up. But I decided I was keeping his family. He has 9 siblings and about 40 or so first cousins. I had developed really good relationships with about 15 of these people. And I decided I wasn't walking away from them just because he gave me no choice but to be done with him. I kept my little sister. I'm so glad I did. She's lovely. We talk about things that really matter to a girl who's in college (I can't believe she's in college, it seems like just yesterday she was dealing with high school stuff). Things like planning her career, dealing with men now that spending the night is an option, making friends while staying true to herself, and dealing with the changin family dynamic as she grows up.

She's really special to me, and I'm so glad she's still in my life, even if the Ex is not. I think I'm going to talk about her love life on my other blog because it's interesting too. So, I'll call her Melody.

4 New Hypotheses:

It's awesome that you're being the big sister to Melody.
As for not believing she's in college... wait until you realize that your friends from your high school graduating class have kids in high school....


That's good that you've managed to remain on good terms with some of your ex's family - i think that can be hard sometimes. Your "little sister" sounds really sweet. :)


LOL@ keep the family!

Its excellent for her to have you to go to.


The Savage: I believe you. I'm freaking out that my baby cousin is graduating from high school next month! I potty trained her!

P: She is super sweet. And the only thing I worry about is a reaction from whoever the next boyfriend is going to be about the closeness I have with the Ex's family.

Southern: thanks! I think more people should hold on to their favorite things gained in a relationship, as long as it's for a good reason. I have not spoken to the Ex in a year and I don't intend to. His family knows to not bring him up around me. Not out of bitterness, just out of the fact that he's no longer a part of my life. But, it would've been easier if I had just kept a joint CD collection or something, lol!

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