Monday, April 5, 2010

Having A Pet

When I came to visit my parents for the weekend for the Easter holiday, I left my beloved kitten (she's barely still a kitten) Belle at home in my apartment. She doesn't like travelling. She literlly spend the entire hour and a half drive yowling and meowing in protest. It's not fun for either of us. Oh, and she also spend part of that time escaping from her super cute travel bag and prowling around the car and my lap. Yup, all while I'm trying to drive on the expressway.

But having her is usually a joy. I live alone and I love living alone. I'm a fan of being naked. It makes me happy to be alone in my house and not worry about imposing my nakedness on someone. Oh, and it's super-wonderful to walk into the kitchen and know that the cereal bowl in the sink is there cause I put it there. I never walk into the bathroom to find someone has used the last of the toilet paper and didn't replace the roll. It's just lovely for so many reasons. But it can get lonely too. That's where Belle comes in.

She likes to climb in my lap and lay on my chest and go to sleep. We have a comfortable pattern of living together and she makes it better to live alone. As long as I keep her food bowl full, we don't have too many problems.

She is always very demanding for attention when I'm gone for a while, like going home for the weekend. She seemed to like when I came home on Saturday and even curled up next to me when I took a nap. And she was less crazy-acting when I got home Sunday. And my house is never ruined when I return after days away, which lets me know she is the perfect pet for me. And I thought I'd do better with goldfish while in med school. What I know is she's way better. Lots of personality, but way less maintenance than a puppy, lol.

2 New Hypotheses:

I'm jealous of you getting to live alone - since I have five roommates!


5 roommates!! Ah!! I had 5 roommates my freshman year of college. Consequently, I spent most of my time at my best friend turned boyfriend's house that year. I don't know how you do it!

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