Monday, April 12, 2010

The Sims 3 Can Be So Dramatic

When I can't sleep, sometimes I'll load up my Sims 3 game on my PC. I don't normally have time to play very often, but I did play last night. And oh what drama ensued. It's a quite good life plot, so I thought I'd share it with the blogosphere.

Some basic background for those who have no exposure to the world of the Sims. The Sims 3 allows you to create people/avatars and life out their lives. They have a major life goal, characteristics, body types, families, friends, careers, hopes, dreams etc. It's all pretty awesome. They live in a town and live and grow and die. There's even a graveyard you can visit and meet some ghosts. If you create the Sim, you can pick out all their traits or randomize them. If you pick an existing one, you'll take what you get. You get rewards points for fulfilling a goal. There are rewards you can get with those points. For example, if you pick out a sim but don't like their personality, you can pick out new traits that influence their personality once you get 20,000 points. These Sims get married, have sex, get fired from work, go out on the town, make BFFs (literally it's called BFF), plant gardens, become best-selling novelists, whatever you'd like. They can even die tragic deaths from drowning and stuff. Moving on...

The family I started is the Goodwins. It started out with just one man, Tyler Goodwin. He got started, got a nice little house and decided he wanted to be a farmer. It's honest work and can be quite lucrative once you get good at it. The average wage for someone at the top of their career is $1,000 a day, but only like 3-4 days a week. A farmer with a large garden (including money trees) can make $3,500+ a day, seven days a week. To Tyler, it was a no-brainer. Tyler meets Lisa. They immediately hit it off and quickly get married. Tyler and Lisa decide they want to have children, but Lisa is all about her career at a professional criminal (her life's goal is to get to the top of that career track), so they decide to have one baby and adopt a male child. This male child they name Taylor. The boy they have biologically is named Kyle. They grow up like any normal family.

I'm gonna fast forward here because my main story that's so interesting to me is about Taylor's son he decides to name Tyler. Kyle moved out of the house as soon as he got married because he felt the place was too crowded. Taylor had already gotten married. He and his wife had adopted a son and were pregnant with their other child. Plus, Kyle didn't want to live in the house with all those memories. His father, Tyler died in the house (of natural causes) the night before his wedding. He and his wife, Tina haven't had children yet. Tina neve had a good relationship with her own father, and barely talks to him and her two toddler age half brothers who she didn't even know he had until she ran into them out at the park.

Taylor and his wife end up having 5 children. They adopt two boys, about age 8 when they were each adopted. They have two girls and one boy through normal pregnancy. Lisa still lives with them and does a good job of contributing to the household with her money (and art) from heists and from her fishing prowess. The oldest son, Tyler is the first to move out. He was a loner his whole childhood. He never really got close to his parents, his grandmother, or any of his four siblings. He preferred to sit and his computer and write books or to stand in front of his canvas and paint. He never even had a girlfriend. Although, a girl did eventually catch his eye. A family friend named Iliana went to high school with him and two of his younger siblings. She was his first kiss and his first "romantic interest." That night they kissed, it was obvious she wanted him to ask her to go steady, but he was far too nervous to do that. So he decided he'd wait until next time they were alone to ask her.

But they were hardly alone. He spent a lot of time working on his books. He even began to sell them. One bcame a hit!! He was an official author who was making real money. He began to improve his skills at painting. Young Tyler decided his  life's aspiration should be to learn the max skills for painting and for writing. Selling his novels and his paintings would be a good way to earn a living without going the traditional career route. Before he knew it, it was time for graduation. His parents didn't force him to leave, but he knew that when mom delivered baby number 5 the night he graduated from high school, maybe he could give them some more room in the house. After all, Grandma Lisa was still around to help out. She had been much younger than Grandpa Tyler when they got married, so she still had lots of time left in her life.

Tyler decided to move out on his own. His family did what they always did when one of the kids left the nest, they helped bankroll the purchase of a new house so the kids could start off a little better than the first generation of Goodwins in town did. They bought Tyler a nice little 2 bed 2 bath house with anticipation he would fill it with a family of his own. His love interest Iliana was still in high school, but he kept in touch with her hoping they could resume their working towards a relationship once she graduated too.

Tyler's dad gave him 15 money bags from the money trees in the garden to get him started until his paintings and books began to make real money. When Tyler first moved, he was happy because he was a loner and he didn't mind waiting on Iliana. He worked on his craft and wrote two more books that earned him good money. His paitings began to sell for hundreds of dollars each. He felt he could easily reach his life's goals. But then he started to notice he was always alone. He looked at his rewards points and decided to spend them on switching from a loner to a great kisser!

He called Iliana to catch up and see how it was going as she was finishing school. He found out she was dating his younger brother who still went to high school with her!! The girl he thought he'd marry someday was dating his brother!! He didn't know how to feel about that.

So he went out on the town to try and meet new women. He noticed that a lot of the women seemed to be grossly overweight, and he didn't want those genes! He didn't know what secrets lurked in his DNA since he was adopted. He didn't want to take any chances. He went out days in a row and still didn't meet anyone desirable. This was going to be harder than he thought. He started going door to door, literally meeting all his neighbors in the hopes that someone would have an attractive young daughter. So far, no luck. He can't take too much time away from his work, but he doesn't know what to do. And he really misses Iliana...

That's where I am now. How crazy is that? Just from 4 hours of playing the Sims, lol.

2 New Hypotheses:

When I first got a Nintendo DS I had the Sims 2. I was addicted in about the space of 3 hours. It was ridiculous. When you try to explain to people WHY it's addictive, they don't get it unless they've been there.

I've not been to check on my sims in a year or two now. I'm scared to now in case they are all dead. :(


Lol, they don't keep going when you don't have the game running, thank God. Otherwise you wouldn't want to play if you had a life.

That's actually the main reason I can't get involved with online Avatar games, it's worse than having a garden or a pet, lol.

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