Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why I Prefer To Be In The Minority (In Most Aspects of My Life)

I'm a minority in most aspects of my life. By minority, I mean either in numbers or in power structure. I'm African-American. I'm a woman. I'm in my 20s. I'm 5'0". My income bracket is non-existent. I'm a student. I'm a cat lover. I'm an independent woman who thinks a man should be the head of the household. About the only thing I am that isn't a minority is that I'm Christian, Baptist to be specific. I know I'm Protestant, but still, I'm Christian. That and I'm a proclaimed Democrat (though I do love my guns, but that's more than balanced out by my support for taxes).

But I think I prefer it that way. It seems that the majority and/or the people in charge with all the power are always fucking up. That is kind of strong language but it expresses my point. Look at our government, our financial system, our Catholics. Everyone is fucking up. They so rarely get it right, I'm glad to not be associated with being male, or Catholic, or rich, or in charge.

That John Mayer song "Waiting on the World to Change" is one of my all-time favorites. Literally, it's Top Ten. But that's how I feel sometimes. The people in control are always screwing things up with their extreme views and skews. But I know I can't count on things gettin better as those people die off. There's always some new young hot blonde thing reporting on Fox News to remind me there is no dearth of supply of youngsters to take on crappy opinions and carry them into the future.

But at least me, in the minority, is somewhat free to form my own opinions and take my own stances on issues and make my own decisions when it comes to how I see this world. I will never be forced to stand with the majority for sake of avoiding pissing of my standard bearers.

Even when white Americans are no longer the numerical majority in this country, I'll still be in the minority. Let's see how Latinos will do with the job of being the majority. I think it'll be quite interesting. I bet all those anti-abortion racists will be regretting that they fought so hard against the government paying for any sort of birth control. They want "their country" back, but they keep doing things that are counter-productive to that initiative.

Minority or not, I long for the day when cognitive dissonance will hurt again. It doesn't seem to hurt some people. I want people to be able to disagree without it becoming an issue of fisticuffs (literally or metaphorically). I have strong views, being an American gives me that right. But it'd be nice to not be demonized for disagreeing with the majority. If I impeach someone else's views, it's the logic or the hypocrisy or the insanity that went into that decision. Not their right to have that opinion. I wish more of the majority would do the same.

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