Friday, April 2, 2010

My Friend Is Applying for Biggest Loser 10

Last week, I agreed to help my friend do something. She wouldn't tell me what it was; she just said it would be awesome. I showed up as promised and was surprised to find she wanted my help in making an audition video for her application to the next season of Biggest Loser.

She wants to lose 100+ pounds and she came up with a very fascinating idea for an audition tape. She's creative and an A-typer personality, so there is no way she would make a tape of herself standing there talking for six minutes straight. She decided to make her video partly her talking straight on to camera and party narrating the scenes.

Yes, there are scenes. I'm in them. Anyone who knows me well would know that I do not like the idea of being a YouTube video. Or any video that has the potential to become public. But, I did this because it means a lot to her. The video was fun to make, and in my down time I got to play with one of the M4's daughter. She is a great little kid with a big imagination and I loved refreshing mine. Seriously, if you have little people to entertain, let me know so I can share the new games I've learned.

If you click the title of the article, I've linked the YouTube video. Check it out and see how awesome my friend is!!

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