Sunday, December 12, 2010

Brushing Worrying Aside For Now

I was just thinking about all the ways things could go wrong between Easy and I.

I was thinking it on and off Friday and yesterday. But today, I'm not thinking about that at all.

I'm just excited. I'm going to St. Louis in the morning. I'll be glad to spend some time with Easy before he leaves the country Thursday.

Even though it's only a couple of days I'll be there, I'm still really looking forward to it.

Easy is not a holiday person like I am. I love Christmas and New Year's. I really love October through February.

Easy does not. He was a jam session and he booed someone who played a Christmas song.

I'm not kidding. He actually booed another grown man for playing a Christmas song.

So there will be no squeezing the holidays into the small bit of time we get to spend together during December.

In fact, I'm kind of glad he won't be around. I will miss him, but I could do without his Christmas cynicism.

I'm all into the cheesiness of the holiday season. Christmas music, wearing lots of red, enjoying the cold. all the mess.

It's just my luck that I keep attracting men who hate Christmas. But that doesn't matter this year.

So for the next three days, I'll be in St. Louis. I'll be helping Easy pack and avoiding discussing Christmas.

I think his desire to always compromise is rubbing off on me.

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