Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Change of Plans For The Weekend

My idea of how last night and today was supposed to go didn't pan out.

At bowling last night, the team we were supposed to bowl wasn't there. They are post-bowling.

So my team came up with a strategy. We had an intra-team competition.

We bet that the best bowler on our team couldn't beat the scores of me and our other female bowler combined.

It made it fun. It was like a nice leisurely bowling game instead of a game competition.

But because of our team competition, I think we did well enough to make it difficult for the other team to beat us.

And this morning, my mom and I were up at 7 am. We weren't headed to the church for Winter Wonderland though.

We went to run errands. Sam's Club, Walgreens, the grocery store, my grandmother's house, the bank, and the post office.

We missed the Winter Wonderland. But Camille and Michelle told me it went well.

Then the two of them came over here and we made food for my church's Care & Share, where we feed the homeless.

I feel like it should be 6 pm, but it's not even 2 pm yet. Getting up so early throws off my whole day clock.

The only thing that sucks about the day so far is that I missed a phone call from Easy. He called while we were in the grocery store.

He left me a voicemail. I haven't listened to it yet cause I've been so busy, but I'll listen to it the next time I leave the house.

I was worried about not hearing from him. I figured he'd been super busy. Or didn't have access to the internet. Or maybe his plane had fallen out of the sky.

I have travel issues, but I was trying not to worry too much. I was still a good 12 hours from calling his parents' house to see if they had heard from him.

But even though I missed his call, I still have a couple of e-mails from him that I need to respond to.

He appreciated me sending him the NBA scores and other info from That made me very happy.

He hadn't had any available time and internet at the same time, and he was seriously missing his NBA news.

But now I have to keep it up. That means three more weeks of checking all the basketball info and putting it into an e-mail.

But I'm happy to do it for Easy.

I'm just trying to pass time now until we head to the mall to get some shopping done.

Two of the teenage boys from church have borrowed Camille's car to go get haircuts. And so we're waiting til they bring the car back.

But wish me luck that I find the perfect dress at Limited.

I'm hoping something black and knee-length from the Limited will do the trick.

And I also hope I have time for a nap because tomorrow is also going to be a long day.

We are going to the early morning service at church so my mother and I can make our 2 pm flight to DC.

Hopefully the stores there close late for Christmas shopping. Apparently, the best Filene's Basement in the country is in DC.

I should be able to sleep on the plane at least. As tired as I may be, I'm still happy to have to much to do.

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