Friday, December 17, 2010

My 200th Post!

I'm very excited to have reached this mini milestone. I was excited about post #100.

I wonder if I'll be as excited about post #300...

So, what to talk about? I'm going to discuss my upcoming travel plans.

They come just in time to help me fulfill my goal of leaving the Midwest once a season. I didn't think it was going to happen.

But thanks to my pastor, it will! He got my mother and I an invitation to visit the White House. We're literally going on the 20th. I'm just making my goal!

I've never been before even though I've been to D.C. a number of times.

All I can think of is two things.

When Beavis and Butthead visited and were talking about TP for their bungholes. I know, how twisted of me.

And also, what should I wear??

Nothing in my closet will do of course.

I didn't decide this, my mother did.

She's right though because since I've been doing the healthy eating yoga thing, my body has changed. The way clothes fit me has changed.

Express Jeans no longer make my ass look fabulous. It's all about Levi's now.

And as far as dresses, it seems as if the Limited took my measurements when they stitched up their size 2 dresses.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to be going shopping with my mom. She has to purchase a gift that is going to my church's Winter Wonderland.

I am hoping to find the perfect black dress for Monday.

It's going to be a busy weekend. The Winter Wonderland is a holiday party my church has for families that cannot afford to have full blown Christmases. We give gifts etc for the children.

The Winter Wonderland is Saturday. Tomorrow I get to spend hours wrapping presents before I head off to my bowling league.

I really really hope I don't get a paper cut. That would suck.

Sunday is my church Christmas party. I was supposed to run the games and activities for the children like I did last year.

But the only flight my mother and I could get leaves before the party starts. But luckily, Camille is stepping in for me to take care of the kids.

I'm just excited about all the holiday themed activities I'm involved in this weekend.

Sappy Alert: It should take my mind off of missing Easy.

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