Thursday, December 9, 2010

He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not, He Loves Me!

I pay attention to certain information the zodiac provides. Romantic compatibility is a major one for me. That being said, personal experience has also taught me that it's a virtual certainty that Easy and I will not work out because I don't know a single Cancer-Libra pairing that has not crashed a burned.

Easy and I did have a crash and burn. But unlike the others, we took a second shot. It's not in the natures of either Cancers or Libras to take that second chance, but we did. And a reason I think things may work out for us (at least without crashing a burning on a epic proportion again) is our ability to communicate. Easy and I talk about a lot. I don't know that we talk about everything. But I only think we maybe don't because there hasn't been enough time for all of that.

Technically we've been involved for 5 months, but we lost 2 months, so it's only 3. Soooo complicated. And in the time we've been involved, we discuss the things we discuss in great detail. One of the things we've discussed in great detail is the fact that Easy told me he was in love with me.

One thing I didn't tell him was that I thought he took it back. Even after the conversation about how he wasn't ever going to take it back, I thought he did. He gave me this whole speech the week after I got back to Chicago about how he didn't want to be saying it all the time unless it was something we were sure about. I took that to mean he was taking it back. I was frustrated that he would say something he wasn't sure he meant. But he wasn't taking it back, he was just not going to be saying it all the time with no response from me. And I really did give no response.

There was no, "I love you too." There was no, "I'm sorry I don't feel that way about you." There was nothing. I didn't know what to say, so I said nothing. And of course that didn't go over well. But since that time, things have improved. I finally told him I loved him back.

I have felt it the whole time. I loved him waaaay before he loved me. I just wasn't interested in sharing that with him because things were so weird between us. I think the weirdness ended literally about a week and a half ago. There's not this part of me trying to run away screaming every five minutes anymore. He has wore me down into accepting that things may actually go well between us this time. I know that being in love doesn't guarantee a damn thing. But I guess time will tell.

It sucks that we will be apart for the holiday season. He has a trip abroad for thing music thingee. But I'm going to St. Louis on Monday to spend some time with him before he leaves next week. And we have plans to spend the three days he has off when he first gets back together too. For once, I'm looking forward to our future. I hope I don't wind up feeling foolish. It's not like me to take a chance on love. But it feels good to be out of character for once.

EDIT on 3/7/11: I'm sending this post to Kirsty Girl's Link Party, so I wanted to add in a link to her site from here. I know this post is super old, but I will submit newer posts if she likes this one.

2 New Hypotheses:

Oo I didn't even realise this was old! haha. I love it though. I must say I am surprised you took Easy's attitude to mean he was taking it back. Though we girls tend to analyse everything right?
I say always take that chance! And if it's out of character make it your character! It's scary but it's better than not loving! :D

Also I've got to just say I absolutely adore your header and title "A Researcher of Life" love it!


I'm glad you like the header and title. I paid good money for it!

I definitely write about Easy a lot, so if you read recent posts, you'll see I took a great risk that has turned out so well.

Taking chances is my new thing. I like it waay better than my old way of playing it safe.

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