Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Ready To Leave St. Louis

I'm thanking my lucky stars that the weather is holding in St. Louis.

It's bad enough that Easy and I will be driving back to Chicago at night, at least we won't be doing it in the snow too.

So today has been a nice relaxing day. I helped Easy finish packing his things while he was at work.

And then I was just chilling and catching up on reading blogs while filling out follow up application stuff online.

I figured there was no rush to get dressed because Easy had a full day of work.

I had, of course, forgotten that his roommate mentioned last night at dinner he only had a half day of work.

So I hear the door open and I know it can't be Easy. I freak out a bit because I'm not dressed.

I was sitting in the kitchen in a wife beater and panties.

Thankfully, I also had a blanket wrapped around me because their place is never warm enough.

That could've been much worse. But as I'm contemplating how I can get upstairs and put on some real clothes, he informs me he's heading back out again.

He came into the kitchen to put down the mail on the table, so I'm sure he noticed my state of undress.

But before he goes, he asks me if I have some time to check out this entrepreneurial opportunity.

I'm immediately skeptical because that particular phrase sounds like an introduction to a pyramid scheme.

Whether or not that was the case, I couldn't actually discern because the video he pulled up for me was very vague.

He showed me one of those promotional videos about a "sales opportunity" and a chance to "be my own boss" and "work in a team" to gain extra cash.

They actually said "this is not a get rich quick scheme".

But I just don't do sales. Last night at dinner, I informed some family friends of Easy and his roommate that I couldn't do pharmaceutical sales.

It's just not for me. It's for some people; I am not one of those people.

So then I began wondering a few things. Why did he ask me this while Easy wasn't around?

Had Easy taken advantage of this entrepreneurial opportunity?

All I know is that was a mildly amusing 15 minutes of my life.

It reminded me of when my college roommate tried to get me involved in selling and purchasing pre-paid legal services.

I have such a hard time saying no to these things.

I usually end up giving a vague response that it probably no more vague than the promotional videos they have.

I'm just glad we'll probably be on our way to Chicago before the roommate gets back from where he was headed.

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