Thursday, December 23, 2010

Getting Ready For Christmas

The tree is up and decorated, sort of.

We haven't put any ornaments on it, but it has lights and a tree topper.

It's just so much work to put the whole tree together and then have to take it back down again in just a short time.

It's not like we have any small children around. I'm the youngest person that will be in the house for the holiday, and I'm 26.

Granted, it is because of me that we even put the tree up. I'm the Christmas fanatic in the house.

Here is our tree.

And here are the ornaments we haven't yet put on the tree and cards we've received but not hung up.

So, we are doing other things to get ready for the holidays. Stocking up on egg nog, apple cider, and hot cocoa is a must.

Also, there is shopping for other people and their children.

Last night, we gave these two dresses to a family friend for her two daughters. I loved those dresses and was glad she loved them too.

I have some gifts to wrap for some of my kids at church.

Tomorrow, my mother and I will prep for Christmas dinner.

My family has been low key for most of the 2010 holidays, except for Thanksgiving, so we will do the same for Christmas.

We will probably have cornish hens and wild rice dressing.

I am doing something for myself though for Christmas. I'm finally dyeing my locks!

I'm excited for how it will look. I let my hair dresser pick the color. I hope it's not too bright, but I do want it to be noticeable.

The color is called plum brown. That will be a reddish-purple-y brown. I'm really excited because I've been wanting to dye my hair for a while now.

I will post a picture tomorrow after I get back from the hair dresser.

So all there's left to do now is watch Home Alone once more.

I love that scene where the kids are singing "O Holy Night" in the church and the old guy who scares Kevin inspires him to protect his house from the burglars.

2 New Hypotheses:

We just decorated the tree tonight. My mother's the Christmas person in the house so it was to make her happy. Everything else is pretty much done.


The only people I know who had their trees up and ready before this week are the families with small children.

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