Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Here In St. Louis And All I Am Is Happy

I was on the train yesterday on my way down here and I was instant messaging Top, just catching up.

She has some very interesting things going on career-wise, by the way. I'll probably write about that today in the The Medley.

When I told her I was on the train on my way to St. Louis, her response was something like, "wow, that's a big step."

I had completely forgotten that I was against not having transportation out of here.

The last time I came to visit, I almost had a panic attack thinking about getting on a train or bus down here.

This time, all I could think about was not wanting to be on the road driving in these weather conditions.

And since Easy and I decided we wanted to spend these days together before he leaves the country, it was simple, I was taking the train.

The only debate was whether he would get my ticket for Sunday evening or Monday morning.

And then when I got here, I was in the worst mood. I figured it was because I was so cold the whole down.

I hate being cold. But there is no way to avoid it on a train when the only available seat is in the front of a car and people keep coming in and out of the car to go buy snacks in the Cafe Car.

Even with the blanket Easy bought for me last time I was here, my Timberland boots, and the seven layers of coat/sweater/shirt didn't help.

And then he was late picking me up because he decided to give a co-worker a ride home.

And while I was waiting, my life was interrupted by the usual scary and/or nasty characters one sees inside a bus and train station.

Somehow I ended up in a terrible mood by the time I was in the car. He was a bit frustrated with me that my mood didn't immediately improve.

I told Easy I was hungry and sleepy. I'd only had a short nap on the train before the gusts of wind kept me up and I hadn't eaten since early the night before.

I am not a real person when I haven't eaten. It's like those commercials advertising for breakfast. I'm some monsterly version of myself.

But he stayed upbeat and took me to the grocery store on the way home.

The dinner I made was great by the way. Linguine marinara, sauteed shrimp with a butter garlic white sauce, and roasted vegetables.

Easy and his roommate are always both so happy when I visit. At least they are around dinner time.

After dinner I took a short nap, about 90 minutes. And then suddenly, I was a real person again!

Because the sun sets so early, even though it felt late, it was only around 9 pm.

Easy and I are night owls, so we still had time to hang out and have fun before bedtime.

I'm trying not to think about how two days from now, I'll be dropping him off in the international terminal at O'Hare to not see him for three weeks.

I'm mostly succeeding because right now, I only have a big smile on my face.

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