Friday, December 31, 2010

Salvaged New Year's Eve Plans

When it looked like all hope was lost, things improved.

It occurred to me that I might want to find a fun restaurant for the night and convince Michelle to join me.

But this is Chicago and everything was booked.

I gave up and settled in for the night. I figured I'd get some egg nog.

I was watching The Blind Side when Bad texted me to see what I was up to for the night.

When he found out I was up to a whole bunch of nothing, he invited me to join him and Jordan out for tapas.

Not wanting to be a third wheel, I asked if I could bring an additional wheel.

Michelle was at home, also watching The Blind Side.

She thought it might be fun to do something other that watching tv and drinking hot chocolate.

So we are off to salvage our New Year's Eve!

Thank God!

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