Monday, December 13, 2010

December Is Quite A Month

There's a lot going on this December.

*I'm going to visit the White House next week with my mom. I'm very excited and hope to have some pictures to post here from it after that.

*The weather has turned violent. I walked outside and stepped immediately into a snow bank and got slapped in the face with hard snowflakes.

*At least I'm not driving in this weather. I'm taking the train to St. Louis in the morning and haven't driven all day. But I've still been out in the weather because of plans I made before it started snowing.

*The Bears are killing me! They lost so horribly to New England tonight! I think when Dallas started playing better, they sucked up everyone else's talent. Not literally, but maybe there's just only so much talent available in a given Sunday.

*Lots of good movies I want to see are out. For instance, I'm seeing the third Narnia movie tonight and I just saw the Harry Potter movie last week. December usually sucks for movies, but not this year.

*New Year's plans aren't set in stone (thanks friends), but they are mostly going well. I should still get the grown-up Chicago style New Year's Eve I wanted.

*I pretty much know what I want to get my people for Christmas, but the problem is going shopping. I don't want to pay shipping but I don't want to venture out into the snowstorm to shop. I guess I'll see which one wins as Christmas approaches.

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